RE: OPness and SEX

Daniel Black (publish)
Atros Imperium (rrl) - if i remember correctly, there're a few unsensored
Story: Forever After (rrl) - once or twice i remember
Origin A.R.S. (rrl)
The Child of Ebon (rrl) (?)
The Destroyer (rrl)

Andur's fictions also have here and there, once in a while, but quite "light", "short"

it was long ago, so i don't remember entirely, there should be though

u can also check NU, with R-18 tag

RE: OPness and SEX

6/26/2017 10:12:18 AMlorduzu Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Guys.
I need recommendations for novels which got OP MC and is not afraid to fuck around or take what he wants.
He shouldnt be some wimpy kid.
And preferably, the Sex scenes should be THERE, not just HINTED.
Thanks guys

Euphoria is probably where you should look.

Re: OPness and SEX

Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon

I think this story should fit what you are looking for unless I've misunderstood your intent and you are looking for outright erotica where the entire story revolves around sex and romance. This is a dark fantasy story with a very powerful antihero protagonist and although the story doesn't completely revolve around sex it certainly does not shy away from it. I think it's probably a given that like all the other suggestions in this thread, this title is very explicit in nature and is not appropriate for younger or more sensitive individuals. 

Re: OPness and SEX

I love how people haven't recommended Hardcore OPness by Mike777 yet. 

Everything you need to know about is in the title. It has been years since I read it, but there was a lot of content back then. It may, however, not be for the faint of heart since, well, the 'Hardcore' moniker? Harem-based with... additions that are, well... difficult to explain and may or may not be against posting rules? I don't recall the specific terms of content for the website, but some scenes are fine and normal, but goblin girl's ones are not always pleasant. Either way, that or Mike777's other works tended to be in that direction.