RE: Words per Chapter

It depends on your release schedule.
If you're going to release chapters frequently, short chapters are fine. If not, you can aim for longer chapters. According to RRL, my average length per chapter is 4100 words, for weekly releases (formerly daily).

Usually, long chapters are better. It allows the reader to get into the story more easily, since more things are happenning. But unless you already have a strong reader base, you will need to release chapters quite frequently in order to gain more readers. People will often lose interest in a story that is not updated frequently. However, try to avoid chapters which are too shorts. It disrupt the read and it can be frustrating.

You also have to take in account what you're writing. Don't force yourself to write because your chapter is too short if it's too end the chapter in the midst of the action for instance. And think about cliffhangers ;)

In brief, it all depends on you, your writing style and your story~

RE: Words per Chapter

Harping on what has been said, simply find what you are comfortable with writing. Once you've figured out how you're going to write, begin to create a log of chapters ahead of time. Once you have enough of a head start publish a sequence or arc of chapters on a regular basis to get an initial reader base. Then continue to write ahead of schedule while posting on a regular basis at a pace that works with the word count/chapter length that you are comfortable with.