Looking For Some Advice

Okay, so I've always loved reading, and I've been on RR for a decent amount of time now, and have recently started thinking about writing my own story. I'm not planning on doing anything fancy and the basic concepts are there, I've also done a bit of world building. My plan was to go with a medieval setting of Europe (mostly Britain) with a bit of magic mixed in. I'm trying to avoid all those stereotypes of summoned hero and oh wow everyone's a magician. My plan was to make magic a lot more scare but still really powerful. The thing I wanted some help on was the type of story I should do. I was going to base it around a merchant, and I'm trying not to just be completely biased in what I would want to read. So hopefully I'd like some suggestions on whether people think I should go for a comedy sort of vibe, or if i should focus on economy and the transactions, or anything else people can think of, personally I was leaning towards grimdark with making the MC pretty powerful, but in a different way. I had also planned to make the MC pretty elusive to give him some mystery, and have the story focus around his encounters with different people who I'll try to weave into the story. So what do people think and does anyone have any suggestion? Any help is appreciated. 

p.s. I have never written before so I'm a bit nervous about this

RE: Looking For Some Advice


I'm new a new author myself and I also just published my story a few days ago so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

The points that you want help on:

Type of Story

- Economy/Transactions type of story would be quite hard to nail unless it's one of those stories that has auctions just to show how rich their mc is and they wanted him to face slap a lot of people. However, if you manage to succeed in incorporating it seamlessly into the story (properly made plot that would revolve around it, character development from doing trades, interesting and unique wares, proper bartering and buyer's side stories), it would be one of the defining traits of your story and would garner you some loyal followers and readers  

- Comedy would have a lot more audience but unless you're confident in your sense of humor, then I wouldn't make it as a focus of your story. You can easily add them to any type of story anyway(even the really dark ones have some sort of humor in it, dry and dark humor but humor still the same), as an ice breaker and even for character development. 


- Powerful MC, especially Overpowered ones, are quite popular with a lot of readers. They're good for a short fun read (wish fulfilment) but gets a bit boring after a while as adding some sort of character development to them is quite difficult (quite hard to develop them through adversity if they can just flick their finger at every problem). However, they can still be made interesting in the long run through proper plot progression and introducing backstories or other characters that are foil or mirrors of the MC.

- Adding a mystery in your character is good as it would add intrigue to the story and you can hook your readers into reading for the answer. Just don't drag it too long or they will get bored of it 

In the end, it would boil down to what you want to write vs what your reader wants. Making a compromise with them is a good idea but too much of it and you'll lose your story to them; you'll end up being burned out easily and could end up in a never-ending hiatus.