Need recommendations!

hi. so i have recently been going through RRL novels faster than Usian Bolt does a 100m sprint and i have ran out of novels.
Well, i am reading 2 or 3 which update quite often but apart from those 3 i just read random stories and usually quit them before chapter 2. the stories i have read, reading and loving are

Savage Divinity
The legend of Randidly Ghosthound(no why lyra)
The Arcane Emperor
Don't Fear the Reaper (Either 2 year hiatus or dead)
No longer a game (hiatus?)
And a bunch like those above. 
Don't fear the Reaper had got me into RRL so if its like that i would luv it. 

To put my preferences in genres i would say
I wouldn't mind some psychological or sci fi either.
I don't really care about profanity, gore and those tags.
It can have romance just not have the romance as the main genre.

RE: Need recommendations!

Try litRPG link in my sig if you are bored.
Anti-Hero btw. Not all the time and not that evil. (You'll see it only from the 4th chapter onwards).
I hate rape, tragedy, ntr, so those are no go.
Female MC but no lesbian or yuri.

The gal can devour other beings and go through small evolutions. (Not just grinding and all the shit.) Will focus on other things.
There are levels, but people gain strength by training, learning, etc...