Sword Quest App


  1. Fiction Title: Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls

  2. Genre: Action/Adventure

  3. Link to your fiction page:http://royalroadl.com/fiction/11843

  4. Is your fiction over 100 pages? Yes

  5. What is your fiction about? Please give us a brief synopsis. A country of warring island-states have found themselves caged in by a dome of mist, furthering tensions between them. The prideful Teutons have been at war with the Wolverines for fifteen years, and are beginning to lose the edge in the fight when three of their youths become of age to be the next "Heir to the Sword"-a knight who must uphold the all-important "Group Will" of the people and protect their home. The boys, however, have no idea what it means to be a knight, nor what trials await them as the Heir.

  6. Why do you think your fiction is atypical and qualifies for this group? The fiction relies on grit, emotion, and drama rather than rule of cool, magic systems, and OP cliches. There are none of the elements I have seen as commonplace(transported to another world, reincarnation, harem, etc), and the action/ability aspect progresses over a long period of time as the characters experience new things. The heart of the story is the MC's personal journey, rather than him being a narrative tool to a formulaic game of level-up. Most importantly, its setting and history are original.