Blue Status Screen - Novels

Ok guys! I wanna make a thread of all the Blue Status Screen Novels! but i need your help! if you all can Link Your favs and ofc your own novels i will update the post to help others to find new good novels!

Here they are:

RE: Blue Status Screen - Novels

5/12/2017 1:46:05 AMSolomon_Short Wrote: [ -> ]
5/11/2017 9:22:28 PMNefarion Wrote: [ -> ]
5/11/2017 7:52:22 PMkentusrpg Wrote: [ -> ]How would you define "Blue Status Screen Novels?" Because if you're talking about litRPG, start here and go on here.

dosent need to be litRPG, there is also the dungeon novels and the reincarnations etc etc just any novel with a ''game'' system or blue screen indications more or less
Umm... how are "game system or blue screen indication" novels not LitRPG in your view? (IOW, could you explain what you understand "LitRPG" to mean, because it seems rather more restrictive than most usages I've seen).

oh shit i just saw how derpy i phrased all that... what i mean is how i define blue screen novels is just the blue screen it self.. while alot of ppl when you ask them about litRPG mostly recommend you a virtual reality novel. i gues thats what i wanted to get out of that while i was tierd haha.

i understand fully how wierd i phrased it before so just ignore it

RE: Blue Status Screen - Novels

The Beginning, The End and Everything In Between
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I want you to survive a terrible car crash but somehow not survive a small fender bender on the way back from the hospital.


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