Which story would you rather read?

Hi everyone! A group of us authors in the Order of Phantasmal Architects are starting a collaborative story project/game and we'd like some community input.

What I have here are blurbs for our two final story proposals, and we'd love to know - which of these stories would you rather read? Please vote in the poll above :)

Thanks for your input!

Story 1:
Spoiler :
Millenia ago, humans discarded the bounds of their corporeal bodies and transferred their minds into digital space. There, the Architects built the Infinity Realms, a network of virtual realities where worlds once considered speculative fantasy became the new reality. All minds lived as they desired where the only limit to humanity was its collective imagination.

But in the realm of Marcelle, the apprentice coder Vera Argent discovered something was wrong. During an everyday sweep with her mentor Jace, the two encountered a virus which attacked the Infinity Realms at its very foundations. Despite centuries of experience, Jace fell helpless against its corruption, and with his last words, Jace gave his apprentice her final assignment: bring their logs to the Grand Architects Council and gather the minds capable of patching its exploits.

Thus, Vera embarks on her journey through the Infinity Realms toward the long forgotten origin realm of Source.

Story 2:
Spoiler :
All men are not equal. This was revealed to humanity by Trufloxin, the miracle drug said to unlock one's true potential. Taking this drug would briefly awaken a person's hidden power, but some powers are far more advantageous than others. Some, in fact, proved dangerous. Thus, regular use of Trufloxin became restricted to those with powers deemed useful by the government.

As the gap between the powered users and everyday citizens begins to widen, Jeff Casey takes his knowledge from Trufloxin's development to cook it in secret, hoping restore equality among man.  Taking to the streets, he will turn the government’s tool into a weapon of resistance, spreading it amongst those most desperate and most willing to fight.

And just maybe, he’ll prove that mankind’s potential does not require a drug to unleash.

Also, we are still open to further author participation. If you'd like to join us on this collaborative project, feel free to leave a post in this thread or drop by the TOPA discord server!

RE: Which story would you rather read?

Hmm... I'd say #1 because it offers a myriad of possibilities and is only limited to what you make of the mechanics of this system. #2 is more Frus's thing, sort of, at least from what I remember of reading Royal Scales. It just wasn't as tied in or as wide reaching.

They're both interesting baselines on their own right, but I'd rather see #1 get development at the moment. Plus, with people existing as digital, what reason is there for gender views and values? Will there be the androgynous? Male? Female? Trans? Etc.