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try out
isn't actually a novel but has the same basic premise, our PoV character is a dungeon heart that has miraculously been damaged non-lethally. feel it's a great read for everyone that likes dungeon characters.

is a quest, if you don't know what that is think of it as a CYOA that is in the middle of being written, the masses say what they want to happen and the author selects an option somehow and draws and writes what happens next., every author decides differently.

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Here are some not mentioned yet.
Some of them are abandoned, some are published and no longer here, but it's still worth it to take a look to see something new and interesting and different or how something should work or not work in the genre or to your likes. - sci-fi, apocalyptic world, two books published (Threadbare's author) - -> several povs and plotlines - <- two books published, dungeon goes to people, it is mostly friendly - ongoing, but some published, some not - one book finished, still here on rr - ongoing, underwater dungeon - ongoing, no delving, some 18+ moments - ongoing, I think some 18+ moments, not sure - ongoing, game, little different - semi-ongoing - semi-ongoing, a couple finished arcs, but still in the beginning - hiatus, no litrpg, no modern world - hiatus, reincarnated modern general - hiatus, reincarnated cultivator, dungeon avatar - hiatus, group of gamers transported to fantasy, one becomes a dungeon, the others admins in it - hiatus - hiatus, dual dungeon, outside - hiatus, sci-fi, just a several chapters, but I liked where it was going - deleted, but it was good /profile/68432 author

not on RR - Dungeon Hunter - dungeons open up on Earth, system appears, demon lords are the dungeon lords and battle with one another, mc is one such and failed/died once and traveled back in time to try again.

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mcdeathcore Wrote: fool's paradise - its terribly written but there is a good story underneath, although you might find a few tropes there because it was written before there was any for the genre. 

Its the best dungeon novel out there although I may be biased on that one XD.

Eh top 20. Definitely a favorite but "the best" you were not.
Top 3 for evil dungeons though, top 5 for no blue screens or fairies.
Should emphasize though that you FINISHED. For this genre and site that's a huge deal.

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Harvest Dungeon is amazing. Unfortunately it was dropped due to the author getting demoralized because someone decided to steal their work and do that through Amazon. Very sad but the 54 chapters are amazingly well done.

New Earth - The Dungeon Core of Madness is also great. Hiatus or dropped, but a solid 200+ chapters makes it an amazing read with likeable monsters and really hits you in the feels. Maybe avoid as it will break your heart in more ways than one, especially when you get to the end and there are no new chapters posted.

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I found some new ones today  - this one's a dungeon master story