Links, Info and how to join

Link and Info Hub:

Discord rules:
General chat Rules:
1. Do not spam
2. Use the appropriate text channels for your conversations.
3. Listen to the Dragon Tamers
4. No NSFW content.
4.1 Mature language is allowed
5. Only use ordinary letters in the first 5 letters of your username so you can still be @pinged

What is PenDragon and how do you join it?
Since we appreciate all our members PenDragon is currently a very loose writing/teaching group.
We do not require anything from applicants, except not being a member of another RRL group.
Despite this we would greatly appreciate any reason and activity on the discord server.
(The Royal Road Forums will be replaced in the newest future so we currently have no plan to do official events or put more ressources exclusively on them.)

We offer a lot of services for both member and non members.
However, only members will be able to suggest changes and vote for them.

Our current offers:
-Free writing advice on any text snippet you have.
-Proofreading of single chapters to identify error sources.

Minor Features:
-A fancy name color on the official RRL server

On demand offers:
-Creation of guides covering questions of our members.
-A live proofreading session while you write a chapter.
-Other events such as a Picture based story contest and Writing collaboration
(those were discontinued due to a lack of participitation)

Please consider reading our holy lore and praying to our penguin goddess

Classroom rules:
#1 Classrooms rules supplement the general rules and do NOT replace them.
#2 Everyone can answer questions if they have some expertise on the subject.
#3 You can ask for help by posting a quote or a link to a Google Document With comments enabled.
#4 If you need help for NSFW content PM a teacher, do NOT post it.
#5 You can post images and videos IF they are relevant to the discussion.
#6 Pinging @groups is forbidden. Ping specific teachers only.

PenDragon (Discord) roles:
@Princess: Peng Wing, Admin of the group and final authority. Only @Ping her for issues with other moderators
@Dark Dragon Tamer: General admin role
@Dragon Tamer: General moderator role
@Propaganda Mod: Maintains news posts, server rules and information hub. @Ping when you can’t find information on some things.
@Chat Mod: Enforces chat rules. Has the power to delete messages and mute people. @Ping when someone is derailing a conversation.
@Forum Mod: Enforces rules in the RRL Forums. @Ping them if you want to move a googledoc/new topic on the forums and are not sure how or where to put it.
@Event Mod: Organizes events. @Ping them if you want to suggest an event or have questions regarding the organization of one.
@Classroom Mod: Responsible for resolving conflicts and issues in the teaching channels. @Ping if you are unsure about the distribution of teaching roles or which topic belongs in which channel

Information links:
PenDragon News #1: 30 March 2017
PenDragon Members list *outdated*
A new reason for Pendragon to exist
Classroom/Teaching links:
Classroom rules and info

Forum links:
PenDragon Forum on RRL

Helpful Writing Resources

The Yandere Darkling's Rant/Guide to Fiction Writing
Luci's List of Worldbuilding Tools & Writing Prompts
A guide about Special Snowflakes

How to create a Character Profile
400+ Way to Kill Your Characters

Many useful writing videos

Useful Tools/Websites:
List of Superpowers and Abilities
Many, Many Surnames
Name Generator