anything without some treasure-hunting-boys-&-girls or cats-&-mouses stuff

- just like the title, i reallyyyyy need something that doesn't have some "prophesied" or "O' Chosen One" boy or some MC running around either "level grinding", "quest running",  "treasure hunting" or "playing mouse & cat with antagonists"
or in another word, as little "running"/"travelling" as possible :D sometimes going in details about politic, diplomatic, technnical stuff as the stories go 'd be even better
something like "Daniel Black", "Release the Witch", "Realist's Kingdom Reform~", "Destiny's Crucible", "Atros Emperium", "Conrad Stargard", "Dungeon Instinct", "Awaken Online", "Royal Ooze Chronicles", "Slime Dungeon" for example 

sometimes litRPG, or specifically VRMMORPG, fictions just too focus on all the "quest running" or "level grinding" that i just got tired of 'em all Neutral, something like "World at World Online" or "Dragon's Wrath" 's great since even though it's VRMMORPG, it's more about "base-building" rather the usual two   

if it's Adventure type then i'd rather it's really "adventure" instead of "running from o' dark lord" or "treasure hunting to save the world" under the excuse of "adventuring" (or vice versa)

i don't like the idea of some "o' savior king" abandoning his post and go around either, since what's the point of being a king anymore, for this, just imagine Roland of "Release the Witch" going around "o' heroically saving the witches",  instead of governing his little town 
- if it's litRPG, it 'd be great if it's something like a representation rather than some mechanism that the whole world revolves around

- no xianxia

- as little cliche' plots as possible (corrupt noble plotting for throne, siblings fighting for throne, religious fanatics, discriminations,...)

-secondary world ("self-build world" u may say) 

so, the most important feature is still the first one of course, the others 're optional, i've been looking everywhere for something to entertain with but few were found Neutral so let's go with whatever comes to ur mind, doesnt matter if it's LN, WN, RRL, NU, draft or "heavy" "published" series

it's not really about the genre, about "base-building" and whatnot, the main thing is about how the plots being sovled in the story, instead of some "prophesied" "running-around" "treasure hunting" "winning by sheer will power" MC, who may actually also be "a king who gain his post just to "abandon it to go on his "little advanture against antagonists" again"", i want someone who sovle plots while require as little as possible of "moving around" "alone" "in wilderness"

i also don't want some "o' heroic" MCs or "schemeful" antagonists who can't even doing their jobs throughoutly, just for the plots to advance -_-
A lot of "o' heroic" fictions have this kind of pattern of

MC born or hidden in some rural village, stumble across some rare artifact or have hidden power, he then met up with some legendary figures who teach him, the MC then get chased by throne-upsupers or some o' dark lord, he then start running around while power-grinding, then he successfully take the throne or something fimilar with the help with allies, but then he always have to fail to kill the antagonists for the plot to continue on, he then abandons his position to sovle the plot again -_-

example: "Release the Witch"
-the current story is about the MC being 4th prince, driven away to govern some rural border town, he sudden gain knowledge, develop the town with technologies, trying to sovle the problem of the fanatic church and discrimination against the witches with policies, politics, etc.

now, let's change it to something like:
-the MC being born 4th prince, driven away from home, instead of using politics and all that to sovle the problems and govern his town like the original story, he then goes all around running from the fanatic church, saving witches, then running from the devil faction, gaining some ancient artifacts and all, in the end, he come face-to-face with all the "last bosses", kill 'em all then ragain his "o' golden rightful throne" and sovle the problem of the witches (just like the classical washed-away-princeling fictions)

so, the two versions both directed to deal with the same type of plots, the same problems, but the way it's dealed is different, in one, we have someone "really being a governor, who does his work", while in other, u see some "typical o' heroic treasure hunting prince"

also, i wonder if there's any story (like, at all!) in which the MC's "spawning point", "starting point", something else other than some o' desolated, rural village Neutral like a crowded city for example, why every single one of 'em have to start by being some "country bumpkin" or "hidden prince" i wonder -_-

RE: anything without some treasure-hunting-boys-&-girls or cats-&-mouses stuff

I'd like to say my novel fits into some of your categories, but not all of them. Non-standard hero figure that isn't adventuring just for the sake of adventuring or running from "The Dark One." I actually poke a bit of fun at that trope in my first chapter.

However, as far as base building and non-meaningless questing goes, try out Incrementum. The first few chapters are a lot of character building stuff, but it really picks up around chapter 14.

RE: anything without some treasure-hunting-boys-&-girls or cats-&-mouses stuff

Try my work: The Demon and the Princess (it's currently being edited for quality, but the story itself won't change)

or maybe Quill's: The Eagle's Flight

I have a slice of life drama, while Quill has a really well made fictional world and good storylines and storytelling with something you'd expect from more professional work

If you prefer something that's different to regular works, try anything made by The Order of Phantasmal Architects.