RE: [Forum Game] Cross Smash

From the looks of it, making Deadman Wonderland instantly win the game if its scored.

I was worried that everyone would push to score deadman before seraph went off, so I ended up banishing vampko's unit. Oh well.

Who do you all want to win, Fire can still win thanks to putting kuriboh in his hand, I'm all in on Deadman, and then there's Xtra and Chiisu.

Who comes out ahead?

RE: [Forum Game] Cross Smash

You truly think I'm being spiteful?

Hm. I suppose I am. I suppose I do harbor the slightest grudge for you taking me out of the game as early as the Titanic, then proceeding to stop me from taking bases several times after.

Or perhaps the reason I'm after you is because you're my rival. Or perhaps it's simply because as one who summons legends, I wish to collect yours for my own?

Perhaps I won't summon them out of respect. Perhaps I will.

RE: [Forum Game] Cross Smash

Endgame reached!

Scene and Actions List

Board State: Round 11 [End]

For those too lazy to read:
Spoiler :
Overture was supposed to have 18 power on Ludus and would have easily scored 1st place there, with Chiisu only being 2nd place and getting up to 19 points. BUT, Loliko decided to move Overture's Archer to Deadman Wonderland for the lulz. This left Overture way weaker on Ludus and allowed to Chiisu to score 1st place there, getting beyond 20 points.

Spoiler :

[1st] [21] [00] Chiisutofupuru (Higurashi)

[2nd] [19] [00] Fire (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
[3rd] [13] [06] GameXtra (Smite)

[4th] [14] [00] Ashblade (Shadowverse)
[5th] [09] [03] Caera (Death Note)
[6th] [08] [00] MizuMikomi (Shana)
[7th] [06] [00] Empty Overture (Fate)
[8th] [06] [00] Loliko (Dokapon)

Green is the number of Victory Points and orange is the number of Coins.