Monok's Bones: Discovery


  1. Fiction Title: Monok's Bones: Discovery

  2. Genre: Fantasy

  3. Link to your fiction page: here's the link

  4. Is your fiction over 100 pages? - reached 299

  5. What is your fiction about? Please give us a brief synopsis. - This is a story set in a world where wolves and humans do not know about each other, but events become such that they meet, things go sour on the first meeting and then the humans come back for some more, but it's not only the humans who are interested in this island of wolves, and even a certain god is taking notice of it for his own reasons. One issue I have is I always struggle to explain my story properly to people... What I have written and posted on RRL is the first part of the story, and when I start the next part I plan on starting a new story on RRL for it. I am thinking my story will go over 3 parts in total.

  6. Why do you think your fiction is atypical and qualifies for this group? - Looking through the list I don't see any of the major points listed as being in this story and I have elements which are more closely related to fantasy works of the 80's. I like to think of my story as Watership Down meets David Gemmell, but the quality probably isn't that great. There's probably still issues within the grammar, but hopefully not enough to detract from the flow of the story. I wrote this quite a while ago and my grammar has been improving in my writing since.