Hey all, its Markious and I want to promote my newest novel so without further adieu:

I Think My Familiar is a DemonLord



Lira was a second year student at the Grulik School of Magic,  a prestigious school where royalty sent their children to learn not only how to be mages but also the leaders of the next generation.  Here in this environment she struggles as the illegitimate daughter of a minor duke. Every second year student is required to summon a familiar to be there constant companions and helpers for the rest of their lives. Much to Lira’s surprise her familiar came in the form of a man that goes by the name Leon. The question now is he really a man or something else entirely?

Author’s note:

This one is going to be my take on Zero no Tsukaima(Familiar of Zero)  however the main female won’t be a tsundere bitch, and the main male won’t be a pussy. So expect a mix of slice of life and action and as always sex, lots and lots of sex.

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