Aerethorn's Desk

Lesson 1: Dialogue

Prompt (specific version): John and Teresa are having a conversation while working on a school group project. In 500 words, convey to the reader that John is "disciplined" and Teresa is "good-natured". Do not use the word "disciplined" or "good-natured" (or any variants) in the piece.

Goal met, awaiting the critique Very Happy


*ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong*

"agr, whats the ruckus at the door. . . what time is it?"

After the ruckus wakes me up, I look at the clock and notice is 7am, *damnit* my alarm should have gone off in 1 hour, why is she always like this? It's really early, always interrupting my precious sleep.

After getting dressed I went down the stairs and checked the intercom to find that familiar face smiling at the magic eye...

"Do you know what time is it Teresa?"

"Hello John, good morning, yes of course I know, that's why I'm here"

"Didn't we agree to start working on the project at 9am Teresa? why are you here this early, interrupting my sleep?"

"Well If I didn't come this early, you'll probably have some quick food for breakfast right? I came to cook you a proper breakfast, so we can focus on our homework properly, just how you like it."

This is so much like her, I shake my head in resignation. I bet she herself hasn't had breakfast yet, always thinking of others first leaving herself out of the equation, take a hint already if you keep this up, I wont be able to let you go... not that I can say that out loud tho.

"Come on in, I'll help you out seeing as I'm already awake"

"Thank you John, as expected of you, always raising to the occasion."

I look at her as she walks in after I finished closing the door, this person, not just looks good, but its always worrying about me, ever since that day...

"Teresa, you know right? we are seniors already, you don't have to keep doing this. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful, but I'm not a kid anymore"

"I know, I know, but I like taking care of you, its been like that since you were little, we, my family took it on ourselves to take care of you since your parents died that day . . ."

Don't cast down your eyes like that, its not like it was your fault... I pat her head without looking at her and walk into the kitchen to get ready to help her get breakfast done quickly.

"You can sit on the sofa John, I'll take care of the kitchen work, if you want, how about preparing the study for our homework session?"

That's not a bad idea, I'm aware she is not that keen on doing the project, but she knows me well, I do want to get my homework done as perfectly as possible. I'll take this time to split the tasks properly, leaving her the easier parts, allowing me to undertake those more complex, and guarantee we get an A+.

"I'll take you on that, lets do it that way, I'll split the parts so we can work more efficiently, and if possible finish after sundown, so we can rest properly tonight"

She giggles as she winks and gets to work on the food.