Re: White's Course [Lecture Hall]

Hello WhiteSamurai,

I have read your guide on the course for Dungeon and High Fantasy, and I think they are good. However, I still not able to understand the ability to make a character that is really a character, as I got lowest score on that. I write my story from the viewpoint of protagonist, and also with added viewpoint of others. Many people starts bombarding, and they seem to have "ideas" of their own, and they try to insert themselves when I didn't mention it, and missed point that I write there myself.

It happened to many of the readers, so it got me worried. I don't intend to feed or spoil the readers that suppose to pick up what was in the story themselves.

I put the link of my novel here. it's my first novel, and I write it as the story pops up in my head.

Best of regards,

I would join your course if possible

Re: White's Course [Lecture Hall]

In the coming hours, I will be editing the Page.

'The Course'(s) Membership has reached its cap of 12 Candidates out of 10 potential slots due to Anthology keys granted before the cap was reached, and an over-application which was accepted via a unique exception to the rule on a single-case basis. 

If all individuals reply and complete the process, then the Candidate seats will be filled. 

Future applicants will be able to still leave questions and participate in discourse, they simply will not have a directly assigned timeslot available to them once per week. Obviously, 12 applicants alludes to 12 hours. 12 hours is essentially a part-time job, and, therefore, no further slots are available. 

Questions, topics, and review of material are still accessible even if a timeslot currently is not, and application seniority determines who gains a slot if a former Candidate withdraws.