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"-My guides simply aren't beautiful works of art using all of the various font and layout options available, they only serve to provide the necessary resources to that one person who would benefit from them. Nothing more, nor less."

This is the mantra of the White's Course series that I dedicate to the aspiring writer as I share my various insights into the writing world.

White's Course is something that serves to answer the questions, and share insight on a variety of topics throughout the writing community. Every piece is constructed based on a topic as the topic is explored, no heavy scripting nor layering of bullet points and the sort.

White's Course is meant to be read as if someone were speaking directly with myself as I discuss the topic at hand. I don't give lectures on subjects, I just discuss varying concepts that deserve some exploration. Having another person's direct thoughts and breakthroughs on a subject available to one's self is often a desirable resource. I state this in every introduction to a Course, not everyone will specifically be suited to a Course's directed message, it's the way I, as White, specifically view the subject. That, and perspectives that I can comprehend at the time of writing.

If I had managed to discover an all-pervasive concept that unlocks the potential of every human being as a writer, i'd have written it, gotten a copyright, and sold it. Certainly not shared it for free on a forum! Jokes aside, welcome to the Nexus of "White's Course on-"!

Now then, allow me to guide you through the ever expanding world of "White's Course on-"



There are many times when a writer, be it their first work, or their tenth, struggles to find their own original concept. In my Course on Originality, I pursue some concepts that delve into the concept in the hopes of inspiring writers, new and old, into looking deep into themselves to raise the question: "What makes me Original?"


When it comes to writing, there is never a time when a writer can be more nervous than their first. It is as if delving into an entire new world, and the stress when one posts their first Prologue and or Chapter can be intense. In my Course on Your First Work, I seek to inspire the young writer into taking that first step and believing in themselves. Because, in the end, it's not "If I can do it", it's "I CAN do it!"


Oh yes, the ever existing question for writers young and old.... How to get more popular to satisfy that demon in all of us that longs for just a few more views to reach 100, then a few views for a 1000. Refreshing the page over and over again after posting a chapter, and reading each comment. While White's Course on Gaining Views may have some semi-outdated information at times in terms of exact numbers, the habits and concepts developed in this Course are never something to forget for any reader. Remember, whether a writer admits it or not, we all love "Gaining Views!"


White's Four-part Course on Dungeons:

When writing a story set in fantasy, the old favorite of many writers is to use the age-old tool of a dungeon one way or another. But how do you truly create a dungeon that is unique enough to serve your purpose? What sort of dungeon should you use or enjoy using? Join the Course in an idea-packed four-part adventure into the "Art of Dungeon Making". Remember to give it a friend, and may the Summoning God bless.

Just about any reader can find themselves wanting to read something light, fast-paced, and enjoyable. Something with with plenty of teamwork, adventure, character improvement and good-ol determination. That's what Light Fantasy is meant to do, some light hearted escapism, and what better way to add to a Light Fantasy than to implement your own take on the Dungeon. This guide is meant to help those Light Fantasy writers understand what type of dungeon would best suit their dungeoneering!

When a writer comes to a point where they embark on their first true High Fantasy journey, sometimes falling back to one of the most well known story-telling tools ever developed for fantasy literature is just what they need. A fast-paced and easily enjoyed symbol of the fantasy genre, the dungeon stands a testament to the changing times. As, when the times change, so do dungeons. This guide will lead you on a new track of thinking to help those High Fantasy writers truly understand what dungeoneering truly means!

-White's Course on Origin Dungeons -Link Pending-

-White's Course on Unique Dungeons -Link Pending-


When it comes to character development, sometimes the easiest way just won't cut it anymore. The first one hundred writing ideas most will have were thought up by another that has already long since put it to paper. The only way for the coming generations to continue the war against the already written word is to ever-more increase their own unique methods of building characters and telling narratives. This guide will lead you through the basics of one of the easier tricks to pick up to increase your ever growing arsenal of writer's tricks to make your next MC 'The MC'!


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"White's Course on-" was originally a 3-part guide chain released in late 2015 in an effort to share base concepts with readers and writers in light of an unorganized Guide section experience. After gaining a combined number of over 23,000 views, White- me of course- decided to continue the series due to it's popularity and because of how it affected dozens of prospective writers over the years. Encouraged by dozens of happy comments and PMs over several media, "White's Course on-" became a weekly series late April of 2018, releasing every Sunday.

Written for Writers like you~