Hello all, thought I would post here, I just decided to make a new novel to update alongside my other one (My Fiance is an Alien)


After the death of his father Daniel Rhodri was forced to drop out of college and take over the family business, an antique store that goes by the name 'The Shoppe of Oddities'.  Receiving a strange package one day Dan's world is flipped over once again as he finds its contents are a Genie named Amani. Who sent this package? And can Dan survive the hijinks of this genie girl? Will his life ever receive some normalcy again? he doesn't know, but he is going to try.

Authors note:
Like my other novels this one will be my take on standard Harem anime/I Dream of Jeannie mix(Trust me it will work lol)but without a Bricktagonist(The main will know when the girls are coming onto him.)  So expect there to be crazy magic and lots of sex, probably lots and lots of sex...

Cover art(Done by me!)


Link: Click me!

thank you all in advance for the read!