The Eagle's Flight


  1. Fiction Title: The Eagle's Flight

  2. Genre: Epic fantasy

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  4. Is your fiction over 100 pages? Currently at 127

  5. What is your fiction about? Please give us a brief synopsis.Why do you think your fiction is atypical and qualifies for this group?

My story focuses on a multitude of characters, but I never describe their thoughts or inner monologue, only their actions and speech. I leave it to the reader to determine motives and whom to root for. Each character has their own agenda and considers themselves the hero of their own story. While in many ways a traditional story for this genre, I believe the unfolding of the plot, heavily character-driven, sets it apart from much else.

RE: The Eagle's Flight

Hi there, and thanks for your application. We currently have a small queue to work through, so it may be some time before we get to your fiction.

Before we take a look at your fiction though, I noticed you combined our last two questions into one. Could you please expand on the following two questions?

  • What is your fiction about? Please give us a brief synopsis.

  • Why do you think your fiction is atypical and qualifies for this group?

RE: The Eagle's Flight

Of course, and no worries about waiting, I noticed the queue.

The story follows several characters from different walks of life. The nobility, knights and their squires, as well as commoners. With the recent death of the king and his heir too young to assume the throne, the noble families quickly descend into scheming to increase their power, while the knight order struggles to maintain peace. Although the book as such is long, it has a number of almost self-contained stories following each other in rapid succession. First, you read about the aforementioned noblemen and knights in a game of medieval politics. The story takes a break to follow two other characters, a beggar and a scribe as they investigate the death of the crown prince many years ago (which led to the current interregnum situation), before zipping back to the main action. Once the story has been resolved with the current plot, new conflicts arise, taking the story in another turn. It's hard for me to give a synopsis without giving too much away, because I want the reader to be free to follow these various characters and decide for themselves whom to root for. So I am coy about emphasising specific characters or giving away too many details - I hope this synopsis will suffice to give you an idea nonetheless.

As for what sets it apart, I suppose that's what I was trying to explain in my first post. Without a central protagonist, none of the characters have plot armour or are destined to succeed. I try to approach each character as the protagonist of their specific story and give them balanced characterisation - nobody is a villain in their own mind. In terms of setting, it is a very standard fantasy story, and it doesn't set itself apart in that regard. However, it doesn't have any of the characteristics that I noticed seem frowned upon here (e.g. harem culture), so I hope that the strength of the story is sufficient to warrant its inclusion.

RE: The Eagle's Flight

Hey there, Quill! Sorry about the delay.

We've finished reviewing your application, and decided that The Eagle's Flight fits all of our criteria!

Once you've added one of the following to either your signature or fiction page, I'll add you to the usergroup. I'll also PM you the link to our chat once all that is settled.

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