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Birth of Mana

Welp why not, my series title wouldn't make any sense if i don't complete it anyways. 

I pledge to get rid of the darkness in the skies of the world
I pledge to bring back the sun which will shine over all equally
I pledge to bring mana to this residents of this world

I shall carry the hopes and dreams of the world's residents and bring them into a new age as I pledge to complete this series.

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A Snail's Wisdom

I dropped the last yellow ball on the floor.

I finally did it!

40 years of traveling the globe, searching under every rock, digging through caves, braving through blizzards. I've lost 3 fingers, 2 toes and an eye.

But I finally collected all seven Dango Balls!

I coughed to clear my voice.

"Come out, Sheerom, and grant me my wish!!!" I yelled.

The yellow spheres began glowing in resonance with each other. All of a sudden, a blinding yellow light made me close my one remaining eye. I could hear the movement of a giant, slithering beast in front of me.

I opened my eye and looked at what appeared.

In front of me, a scaled, yellow bird with sharp, metallic feathers floated above the balls. It was around the size of the world's tallest mountain.

"STATE YOUR WISH!" the bird echoes out without opening its beak.

My voice was caught in my throat. I shuddered in fear but took a step forward and readied myself.


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I solemnly swear to finish my book AND any series I start.

I'm the proud author of Oliver's Wishes

My story is 31 days old, it's just about 77,000 words. I post new content RELIGIOUSLY, the longest I have gone without adding new contest was 48 hours. People seem to really be liking it so far which makes me excited and keeps me motivated to make the story better and longer. It will be published on Amazon sometime in mid to late June. So get in now on the ground floor of the story where you can get a say on what you want to see more or less of.

Here is a nice image the mods here can use for it. I own the image for the record.

I hate writing blurbs so you can use my current blurb: "The story of an intrepid young man who is dumb as a box of rocks. He comes into contact with a genie's lamp and makes some amazingly ignorant wishes. As a side effect of one of his wishes his IQ is improved, and the gravity of the situation he has created finally dawns on him. He has to embrace what he has done and make the best of it. "

EXTREME CONTENT WARNING: You will run into violence, blood, gore, foul language, and fictional characters who aren't afraid to share their world views.
Thank you all in advance!

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Dungeon Creator

"Your soul is dying, so go to a new world and life your life through your desire."
The god said to the man an reincarnated him in another world.
This is a story of a man living in a new world trying to fix his dying soul through his desire.
By managing his dungeon with the cheat the god gives, the man life a life he never felt before. But he found out after being reincarnated that's he's not a human, Eh…?, how can the man life his desire without being a human.
Join in the story as the man trying to find his desire to live as a monster on this game-like world.

I solemnly swear i will finish my book.

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Would want to make a change.

The listed is long since completed and should probably be taken off the list for pledged works.

I'm currently writing and by now I'm well over the 10K words required for making a pledge, and hence I pledge to complete the novel. As in, kind of, why would I drop book six in a series with five books completed Wink