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Sky Dungeon 

“My soul is a black maelstrom, a great madness spinning about a vacuum, the swirling of a vast ocean around a hole in the void, and in the waters, more like whirlwinds than waters, float images of all I ever saw or heard in the world: houses, faces, books, boxes, snatches of music and fragments of voices, all caught up in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool.” 

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

RE: The Pledge (Details)

03/11/2018 01:33:55hammbody Wrote: [ -> ]Telling me to take it easy and "don't over do it" implies I did more than reply to a single person looking for not only my genre but my specific sub-genre (apocalyptic LitRPG). I also clearly identified it as my own work.

I'm just trying to be a part of the community here. As for the pledge, doesn't really matter I'm planning on finishing it anyway. I can wait the 30 days of course, but it seems a minor technicality as if I didn't post another word during that time I would still qualify. If this seems hostile, I don't intend it to be. I'm just baffled by your complete lack of welcome.

Okay, let me just say, rules exist for a reason. You are plenty welcome to join WriTE, and we would love to add more members. However, the whole thirty day thing is something of a test to see whether you are willing to stick with your story in a way. It also includes that you agree to a somewhat regular release schedule. That being said, we would appreciate you following through for a month before signing the pledge like everyone else did. Feel free to join the group if you want, though. We would love to have you. Also, you would probably feel more welcomed in the discord while people are online, just so you know.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Guys, this is not the place to have this discussion. 

Hammbody, you're welcome to take the pledge, but, as people already said, we have a 1 month rule. This means you'll just have to wait a bit, a month passes by pretty fast.

Tomo, I really appreciate that you help us mods by replying to this thread with information for the pledgers and a joke is fine, but please, don't insist on something not pledge related in this thread. 
If you see people self-promoting where they shouldn't, tell them there, or contact a RRL moderator.

To any new pledger who happens to read this post, make sure you have carefully read the rules in the first post of this thread before applying.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

New Australia (a LitRPG)

"An end is coming," said the ptau elder.  "Indeed, an end is near."

Purlat was shocked and beat his wings in agitation.  "Have the humans become so powerful they can bring their terror into the sky?"

"No, it is not that.  That time is far away, past the first ending."

"The first ending?  Elder, perhaps you misunderstand what 'ending' means..."

A wall shattered where once there had been nothing.

"Has that happened before?" Purlat asked.

"Yes," said the elder with a tremble in his voice.  "Three times."

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Atop a high perch, Lao Chen meditated on the Dao, life and his imminent end.

All beings are mortal. He knew this. Unless one has gone through Immortal Ascension, death was an everpresent reality. Lao Chen accepted this fact. All beings would die eventually, and if his cultivation did not reach Immortality, death would be his fate.

Though, it was not natural death that he feared. That would come many centuries later once his hard-earned longevity ran out. He did not want to disappear spontaneously, as was the fate of many of his transdimensional brethren he could feel a connection with through his bond with his creator.

In a bid to extend his time, Lao Chen broke through a wall that did not exist.

"TheEpicLotfi will pledge that this story runs to its completion!" He roared to the heavens, his Dharmic Decree rocking all living beings in a mile's radius to their very cores.

Lao Chen's eyes grew warm, knowing that he had extended his lifespan past a disgraceful cessation of existence due to the dreaded writer's block.

And thus, the Adventures of an Old Dreamer will continue.

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Hmm. It is a problem. I can push myself for far more than 1 chapter month requirement, but sometimes I have to take a long break to overcome writer's block and also to research related contents. So, I was thinking if I could write more than required chapters and then take a longer break in betweens. All in all, my total chapter count would still be higher than the standard WriTE pledge, I mean.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Most authors that have taken the pledge write a lot more than the required monthly chapter, a few even going for daily chapters. Pledges aren't immediately moved to the broken pledges list after only one month of inactivity, we usually wait around 4 months, contact the authors and only then we move the fictions to the broken pledges list.

That said, if you already plan on taking year-long breaks I think the pledge, as it is now, isn't for you.

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03/27/2018 13:15:05Tanaka Tomoyuki Wrote: [ -> ]The pledge is designed - I believe - for you to update constantly and not put your story off by taking extended periods of breaks. If you're going to take a year or so off, then it defeats the point of taking the pledge in the first place.

It is just that I feel that I would be lying to myself if I adhere completely to the rules of the pledge.

For instance, I could publish 4 chapters per month and do that consecutively for 12 months. After that if I take a one-year break, I would not be able to meet the requirement of the pledge.

On the other hand, if I publish 1 chapter and save 3 chapters per month, I could meet the requirement for the pledge even if I don't write anything for 3 years.

So, the reason why I asked what I asked was because I want the audience to enjoy the full experience without me holding back. In other words, I was asking if it is possible to meet the requirement of the pledge while writing and publishing the chapters in advance prior to the break. ;o

RE: The Pledge (Details)

@TheEpicLotfi I already told you that your fiction is not old enough for the pledge. It must be at least one month old. 

@Lulin you're free to take the pledge if your fiction adheres to the condition to join, but you will be moved to the broken pledges list if you dont upload for such a long time.