The Pledge (Details)

The WriTEr’s Pledge

The below signed vow to finish their fictions at all costs. Through fire, wind or storm, these valiant authors will honor the commitment that they have made to their readers and to themselves. They also agree to be bound by the below mentioned rules that are there to ensure that they stick to their pledge.

1.      All signatories must have a regular update schedule or post frequently at least once a month. Regular update schedules do not have to be a specific time/date for releases, and may be something like “one chapter a week” or “one chapter a month.”

2.      Fictions will be put on the list only if the author has been posting frequently for at least one month and has uploaded at least 10000 words (exceptions may be made for short stories and one-shots)

3.      Signatories will be given a banner to put in their story’s description, and asked to promote the Pledge Thread in their signatures or in author’s note (as they wish.) Signatories are advised to promote the pledge thread to maximize the benefit they receive from the assurance of readers who know that their fiction will end properly.

4.      Any signatory who does not write a chapter for a month will be PMd by the WriTE moderators, requesting for an explanation and urging them to continue writing. The WriTE community will aid in combating writer’s block, if needed.

5.      Signatories will provide an email address that they frequently use, so that moderators may email them if they do not respond to RRl PMs.

6.      After several months of inactivity, the signatory’s fiction will be placed in the disgraced “Broken Pledges” category.

7.      Authors whose fictions are in the “Broken Pledges” category, may not put another fiction on the Pledge list until they fulfill their Broken Pledge. Any of the author’s existing fictions that are still being updated frequently, will be taken off the list (but not put in the broken pledge list)

8.      If a story is in the “Broken Pledge” category for half a year, it will be taken off and the author will be banned from the taking the pledge again.

9.      Pledge breakers will have their Pledged status/banner removed from their fiction description by supermod Vocaloid.

10.   Signatories may not end their stories with an “axed” ending, and must finish it properly.

11.   “Fulfilled Pledges” are stories that were pledged for completion and reached their goal.

12.   Signatories will receive the benefit of assuring their reader that their story will be completed, ensuring a healthier reader-base and thus, more motivation to keep going.

13.   Signatories do not need to be WriTE members, although everyone is encouraged to consider joining Writers to The End as at least an honorary member (since anyone can do that and there are no strings attached.)

14. Approved authors should submit a link to their cover uploaded to imgur and a reasonably sized blurb to the moderators, or allow them to use whatever they have already uploaded.

To sign the pledge, comment below with your fiction’s name, and a link to the fiction. You may also include a fun pledge role-play BELOW the link to your fiction. You are encouraged to upload a cover to your fiction before signing the pledge. The moderators will check if your fiction meets the above-mentioned criteria, and send you a PM asking for an email address and short blurb. Your fiction will then be displayed on the main pledged fictions thread.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Binary Soul
Everybody Loves Large Chests

I shall brave the fires of creation!
I shall withstand the winds of boredom!
I shall weather the storm of writer's block!
By the wisdom and glory of Karen-chan, I hereby pledge to finish both of these novels and bring them to full completion!


I swear upon the ever-delicious Krill that Her will shall be done!


All hail Karen-chan!


*Everyone is then eaten by Karen-chan*

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Screw it, there's no reason for me not to pledge at this point. I want to finish both of these fictions anyway, though, the earliest either will be done is like next summer at my current rate. My fictions do for the most part fulfill all of the requirements necessary to do the pledge, but I do have one problem with the current set-up, well 'query'.

When both series are eventually done, I'm planning to do like a month of editing (because both series will probably be stupidly long) on them to make sure the series as a whole is good before declaring it's official completion. If that's okay for me to do, then there won't be a problem on my end.

Myth of Men
High school life in a world where everyone has superpowers

- obligatory role-play -

Spoiler :

I walk into the usual back-alley, pressure building with every step. In one hand, my trusty pen, in the other a 'binding' document for which I'm heading this way to sign.

Soon enough, the same blue light dominates the blackness, with the word 'WriTE' reflecting off the one or two nearby windows. The path revealing it's ironic cleanliness compared to most of the deserted shops in the main shopping district.

Every step echos with the surrounding emptiness, due to the ridiculous hour I chose to do this. Regardless, my stride doesn't fail and I eventually get to the inconspicuous door that blocks most from the insanity of Karen-chan's minions. And like a fool, knock on the door to be looked at by the 'security'.

Since I'm a regular, no interaction needs to happen with the almost imaginary bouncer for my entrance to be granted. And in the open door, it's brighter than it was on my first visit.

Familiar figures, who've currently dropped their 'cult-like' dress code, meet me as I go into the back. Crowding around me as they spot the contents of my hand. And, considering the hour, there's quite the number that are still awake.

With arrogance in my step, I follow another member towards specific podium that is central to the largest room in the building. A crowd forms, their normally hidden eyes become all visible and each trying to spot any weakness in my confidence but fail to spot any.

Clearing their voice, one of the more senior members explains the situation, though, everyone knows what's happening regardless, "(insert any obnoxiously ambiguous name that I'd probably made up on the spot and call my 'real' name), or OldBegginings, you are here to make a pledge, correct?"

I nod, before verbalizing my answer with pure sincerity, "Yep."

"Well, make your pledge then," he says, his tone changing from a mellow explanation into a threatening dare.

He steps down from the podium and I swiftly fill his place. With all the eyes previously focused on me, joined by the few paying attention to the other guy, I feel a sinking feeling at the back of my throat.

I fight it off, clearing my throat with an awkward cough before verbally sign the contract before putting pen to paper, "I offer my two fictions, the older but steady 'Myth of Men' and the succinctly named 'High school life in a world where everyone has superpowers', onto... um..."

In a bad move, I lose my wording. All present manage mock me for this without needing to change their expressions. Despite this, badly masked humility, vengeful spite and anticipation become apparent from certain members in the room.

When I get my groove back, I continue by trying to finish that sentence, "Sorry, I give my, previously named, fictions towards the crowd and I pledge towards the probably hallucinated 'deity' of this group, that I've forgotten the name of, that I will finish the two fictions eventually at my current rate..."

Explaining the details behind every pledge, and proving evidence to state why both my fictions are applicable for it, I drone on for way too long. Most faces were bitterly distorted by my casual insult aimed at 'Karen-chan'. But at the point I realized such, it was more funny for me than actually hard hitting.

With my monotone droning over, which killed my voice completely, I finally put pen to paper. Then instantly fled the building before anyone could try to comment, and thus I officially made the pledge.

RE: The Pledge (Details)


Trumpets blared, filling the musty, old chamber with a creepy yet regal symphony. Hooded figures lined the walls to either side, muttering, murmuring, and snarling unintelligibly. I approached the sacrificial altar, my heart thumping inside my chest as if it wanted to jump out and do the cancan before withering away. I got on one knee in front of the altar, and raised my child above my head.

Ripples began appearing on the pool of water on top of the altar. Then, a slithering noise echoed across the chamber. A few hooded figures took sharp breaths, some fell to their knees, whilst others began to cower in the corners. A tentacle shot out of the pool, grabbed my baby, and took it into the deeps.
I closed my eyes, and prayed that my offering would be accepted.
The only question was...who was going to do the accepting? .-.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Here we go, digging myself into an unescapable hole.
I ChasedHydra, swear by The Pledge to finish my fiction (Symbiote) no matter the circumstances
Here is the link: Symbiote

Cool Guy Pledge Roleplay
Spoiler :

Finally, after many years of travelling all around the world, I have finally reached my destination...
I lay my weary legs on the large staircase that leads up to the grand temple, a temple said to house legends, said to house unimaginable power...
I force myself to stand up and take a golden pen from my satchel, it shines a multitude of colours before finally reflecting upon the temple.
My gaze falls over the landscape, as I watch the three status perched over the entrance to the temple come to life.
They look me over with attention, deciding over my worth, deciding my true destiny.
"Why hast thoust awaketh us?" The first large statue roars, his shouts reverberating through the air, making some of the pillars that help up the temple collapse.
"I have come to sign The Pledge" I answer firmly, I wasn't going to back down after all that had happened, I would not abandon my dream, I would not abandon my hope.
The statue looks me over with intensity, his eyes reflecting deep thought.
"Thine wish is nigh impossible, thine dedication must be strong" The statue looks deep into my eyes.
I remember the old village, I remember my family, I remember my sacrifices.
"I have the will" My shout rivals the imposing atmosphere of the stone giant, my dedication growing with every word.
"Then so be it" The statue responds, sitting back in position and resting his body.

The statue of a woman of elden lore comes up to me, looking me over, analyzing my every move, I know that she is going to test me, I know that my will is on the line.
Her mouth opens up, preparing to say the words that I was expecting with a dry mouth.
"Ey, what's lit fam?" The statue asks me in an archaic language, a language lost to time, one said to have been used in the past, one now forgotten to time.
Thankfully, I have studied this language and learned all its nuances, I am ready for the test.
"Nothin' much brah, just getting my groove on ya know bretha?" I answer with completely confidence, assuring myself that I responded correctly.
"100% fam, 420 blaze it, if ya know what I mean XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD" The statue responds and returns to its spot, making the last statue take a step.
Cold sweat pours down my back, staining my clothes.
"Whatever, just sign the fuckin' thing, don't make such a big deal out of it, sheesh" The statue seems to doubt my dedication, it seems to want to test my true power.
I take the sword of The Hundred Thousand Flying Meteors Of Certain Flying Doom out of my backpack, pointing it at the statue, opposing his own cold gaze.
"Chill dude, just sign The Pledge, don't make such a fuss" The statue steps on my nerves, doubting my true power once again.
"FLYING THUNDER DRAGON YELLOW TERRAN LOWLY PANDA LION SWORD PUNCH!!!!" I throw my sword aside and blow the statue away my bare hands, showing it who had the true power here.
After silence reigned in the room again, I regained my composure and took a pen, grabbing the sheet of paper that lay between the statues.
And so, I signed The Pledge.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

Here is mine : Gamed

Pledge -
What's better than a letter? - a word
What's better than a word? - a sentence 
What's better than a sentence? - a paragraph
What's better than a paragraph? - a chapter 
What's better than a chapter? - a book
Which kind a book is better? - a completed book
We strive to do better, to become better.
We strive to write a completed book.

Dont judge.

RE: The Pledge (Details)

01/13/2017 17:21:54xtremeloldude Wrote: [ -> ]it's a good idea but what with for example "those who aspired to become gods, a darker fairy tale"? He's a dedicated author (atleast seems that way to me) but the way he writes is different from how the pledge would work

Like it says in the rules, the 'regular updates' part just means having a fairly reliable schedule. Doesn't have to be "on the first full moon of every month" but can be "once a month" or something. So yeah, he could sign if he wanted to.

RE: The Pledge by: aLUMINUMer

How Does One Become Strong?

Hello, I'm aLUMINUMer and that up above me is my story. I would like to join Writers To The End as a member ?? hereby pledging that I aLUMINUMer will through the wind and rain of school-The raging fires of life-and the lightning that is writers block striking my body I will finish my story.

Here's my email- <redacted>

RE: The Pledge (Details)

01/15/2017 02:57:00aLUMINUMer Wrote: [ -> ]How Does One Become Strong?

Hello, I'm aLUMINUMer and that up above me is my story. I would like to join Writers To The End as a member ?? hereby pledging that I aLUMINUMer will through the wind and rain of school-The raging fires of life-and the lightning that is writers block striking my body I will finish my story.

Here's my email- <redacted>

To join WriTE, post here:
I've removed your email. We haven't started collecting that yet. To make The Pledge, just post a link to your fic here and we'll tell you if you can sign!

RE: The Pledge (Details)

If it's not mandatory then I will like to make the Pledge. I will add my cover art later when It is finally complete. My story is called 
Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History

Now for the Pledge

I Seraf Repier pledge on the honor that is known as my reputation,
To finish my book Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History,
Whether it be through sickness or in health, 
through pain, writer's block or personnel matters,

I will go through hell itself in order to complete this work of fiction,
For if I fail,
may my name be forever disgraced throughout the ages of Royal Road Legends,
Till it's completion,
Or when Death rips the unfinished book out of my cold dead hands,
This is my pledge to finish my story or die trying.

Or at least that's what I would say but that's no fun. So let's make up a role play.

<A Promise> Role play

Many miles away from any civilized life in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle lies my ship. A huge ship that is run by mermaids, sirens, and other fish like creatures. Sitting inside the captain's cabin I take out a bottle of apple juice and pour myself a cup. The reason I'm here is to discuss business with extra dimensional clients. My last client today was a red haired elf by the name of Star Mcbeth. The book she wanted me to publish is called Armageddon: A Biography of a Forgotten History. Looking at the thick book in front of me I took a sip from my drink. The girl just left and I already accepted publishing a translated copy in this dimension. Unfortunately the words in this book are so old tha it will take me weeks just to produce a single chapter. Let alone the whole book. After a few moments, I heard knocking at my door.
"Excuse me Repier. You have a visitor."(Attendant)
"Let them in."(Me)
Opening the door, A tall non descript penguin walked through the door.
"Hello sir. How may I help you?"(Me)
"I have come today in hopes that you will make a pledge."(Penguin)
"What kind of pledge?"(Me)
The Pledge is to produce a complete story. A promise to give readers a story that will not be abandoned half way through. A story with a true ending and the hope that everyone who reads it will enjoy it for many years to come."(Penguin)
"I see."
Looking at the book in front of me, I smile.
"Why not. I'll make this pledge of yours. I made a promise to someone that I'll publish this book anyways. I might as well add this pledge to it."(Me)
Nodding the penguin moved his flipper to his white fur and magiced himself a scroll. Patting his fur twice, A burnt peice of parchment appeared on his flipper. Tossing it to me parchment, I opened it up and read through it.
"This doesn't seem to hard."(Me)
"Then drop some blood on the parchment and repeat the glowing text."(Penguin)
Cutting my finger, I dropped some blood on the paper. When I finished several words started to glow.
"I hereby promise to fulfill this pledge. To finish this book for the sake of my readers no matter the cost. For not even death is acceptable for leaving it incomplete. This is my Pledge. This is my Promise. This is my Goal."(Me)
After saying these words, the parchment reclosed itself and turned completly black. Giving the parchment to the penguin, he opened his mouth and ate it.
"We thank you for your assistance."(Penguin)
The penguin then turned around and started heading towards the door.
"Who exactly do you work for anyway?!"(Me)
The penguin didn't stop walking away but, he did answer my question.
"I am a representative of WriTE."(Penguin)

RE: The Pledge (Details)

I would really like to join in the pledge, so people will stop saying they thought I dropped my novel even though I always respect my schedule (except when I can't, then I warn the readers ahead of time). I also want to finish my novel.
The thing is... there are periods (like this one) during which I'm not sure I am able to post every week because of my exams and joining the pledge while skipping releases just doesn't sit right with me.

Should I join anyway even though I might skip a week here and there (of which my readers will always be informed before) or not?

RE: The Pledge (Details)

01/22/2017 18:17:21Oinos Wrote: [ -> ]I would really like to join in the pledge, so people will stop saying they thought I dropped my novel even though I always respect my schedule (except when I can't, then I warn the readers ahead of time). I also want to finish my novel.
The thing is... there are periods (like this one) during which I'm not sure I am able to post every week because of my exams and joining the pledge while skipping releases just doesn't sit right with me.

Should I join anyway even though I might skip a week here and there (of which my readers will always be informed before) or not?

Hmm, depends on how frequent the skips are. You'll only really get into trouble if you go into a month long hiatus or drop the story entirely, so it should be fine. So go ahead and sign if you think it applies!