Xianxia novel on Earth. Every upgrade MC gets A new skeleton.

Hey everyone.

As the title says the story I forgot the title of is about 
A boy who finds a master in an abandoned house, where
He has just been beaten or something like that.

Well anyway. He gets powers over blood and souls.
When ever he reaches a new level in qi.
He gets a new skeleton. I can't remember much more
Except a little bit from the description. At least the 
Description that was there when I found it.

The description was where the mc was running from
The police and he jumps over some police cars and 
Gets shot. He then makes all the blood he lost come
Back to him and into him, healing himself. Then he kills 
The cops.

Sorry can't remember much more.
Please help me. It would be much appreciated :)
I'm just gonna thank u guys beforehand.
Thank u!