RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

Depends on the sort of world I am dropped into and my circumstances upon delivery.

If it was your generic fantasy world I would want to learn magic. Because that's something I can't do here. I could always acquire or learn to build a giant sword and run around killing creatures in a forest/cave here on earth.

If it was like a sci-fi world. Hmm, probably find some sort of crazy future tech and do something cool with it.

If I appeared in a situation that forced me to struggle survive, then of course my first task would be survival. But beyond that, its a whole 'nother world. Learning the new and different cultures would be neat.

But beyond the obvious first goal of survival what I would do in another world really depends on what the world has to offer. If its just a re-skin of Earth with only subtle differences or something I would probably just get a job and browse the internet. Maybe try to recreate a famous story from where I was from to get rich off. An easy one would be Harry Potter I think.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

11/27/2016 4:16:37 PMbiderandia Wrote: [ -> ]So my fellow readers i want to what is the most important thing you want to achieve in another world.
If you don't understand then what I am asking is that once you arrive in another world wwhat will you do first,how will you rreact to the people and then what will you do oonce you got all the basic information of the otherworld.

Obtaining resources for survival and mental management.

Depends on the setting for handling any themes in the story.

'Another world' could be the equal of a terminally ill person who was in a cryogenic state for xx number of years being unfrozen to find they can be cured now. The world that was to them though, if they can remember any of it of course, doesn't exist anymore.

Also, I would suggest proofreading your comments for grammatical errors before posting them. It's entirely possible people will just not bother giving input because of the grammar the post.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

Assuming the typical magic/swords/monsters fantasy world:

If I have a talent for magic in that other world, then I'll probably be a mage and excel at that profession. I'll become a 'celebrity' mage who discovered/created a magic that will change the world. Just like the famous scientists in our world, like Einstein or Newton.

If not, I'll be a merchant. Obviously, selling potions is the best way to go. I'll industrialize potions and influence the government (the monarch) to regulate the making and selling of potions like how we regulate manufacturing and selling of drug in the modern world. That way, I'll have a monopoly over potions industry and kill off the rest of the competition and to prevent everybody from selling fake, ineffective and harmful potions.

Additionally, I'll invest in brothels, inns/taverns, restaurants, and breweries for a diverse investment portfolio. The more the merrier.

I'll also introduce modern banking system and create a consistent accounting system to influence their taxation system which would lead to fair taxation. Hell, maybe if I have enough power, I'll introduce them democracy and inspire rebellion to the poor masses and the middle class to overthrow the monarch. French revolution style.

Then I'll become the president.

Which actually gives me an idea. Hehehe.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

Unless I got some OP power in the process, then it's same thing as anywhere, I guess. Find a place to live, get a stable income, yadayada...
If there's magic, would definitely try it out.

If I do become OP, though...
Well, same thing, except that I'll be filthy rich and can do whatever the hell I want. Bonus points if I'm able to further social welfare, but if I can't do it here, there's no reason why I could do it there.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

I'm gonna assume I teleported to a magic/sword world.

1. Survive - shelter, food, information, seek ways to get stronger. Avoid being a slave at all cost.
2. How will I react to people? Be normal and don't try to be a crazy person.
3. Once I get all the basic information, make stuff that haven't been invented yet. Get stronger, richer, and maybe go an adventure.

Basically, my whole plan hinges on being OP. Once OP, life is a breeze.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

1. Gather materials to make a shelter and a few makeshift spears. Also, I'll gather lots of food. Maybe domesticate a monster along the way.

2. Find civilization. If there's a bounty system, I'll use my knowledge and experience in fighting and martial arts to incapacitate bandits. If there's no such thing, I'll still fight bandits and loot all their valuables.

3. Buy a house with the money. If there's a master in martial arts nearby, I'll ask him to train me. Same goes for master mages. After that, I'll keep working as a bounty hunter or as an adventurer.

4. Find a girl or two. (I'm currently at the standard age spectrum for Japanese MCs that gets transported to fantasy worlds, so I think I have a large chance lol.)

5. Start a criminal organization and eventually make an empire in one of the southwestern countries in that fantasy world. Then, I'll live my life in peace.

Dammit, this makes me wanna write a new story about the things I mentioned.

RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

6/12/2017 3:26:09 AMAdsterhappy Wrote: [ -> ]No matter the world: Acquire the perfect toilet paper and toilet combo.

No rampaging demon lord or apocalyptic evil god would stop me from resting my cheeks on the finest porcelain throne.

Red shall run, should brown not.

This guy knows what's important. But what if toilets don't work like they use to back on earth? Instead of flushing, they actually eject your, um, waste outwards. What would you do?