Identifying rating scores

I think things have settled down with the new update (more or less) and I was wondering if anyone had found the best way to identify the following.

1. If someone gives your story a rating or a review is there an easy way to tell? At the moment if I notice one of the numbers on my fiction page go up (assuming I remember what the old number was) I can tell but is there an easier/more obvious way to tell? Don't know if there was supposed to be a way to be notified but if there is I haven't found it so hoping someone could let me know either way.

2. If I do get a rating how do I tell what score I got? I think it said somewhere the new stats page would make it easier to tell, but unless you noted down the numbers on the graph for each score (0.5, 1.0, 1,5 etc) and then compare them when you get a new rating to see which number has gone up it's very hard to tell. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help.

RE: Identifying rating scores

1) Push notifications for new ratings and reviews will be a feature of Author Premium, which is not yet released.

2) On your stats page, if you look at your Rating Timeline, you should be able to roughly tell what the new rating is based on whether your average score went up or down. Detailed analytics will be a feature of Author Premium.