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@Harem wars ricochet group

Remember Drogan? the hydra guy?
just imagining him setting up a ricochet game,
"YOU'VE REINCARNATED" "Quick choose your hydra head" "kill others to earn more heads"
I just... had an idea
holy shit that'd be hard

Template involves creating 19683 unique options for games lasting 9 turns.

RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Epilogue

Closing remarks:

This game is the third in the series of Ricochet games I have hosted. To give background, the first Shuffle Ricochet game only used the card mechanic present in this game, having a Main Deck with drawn cards every phase. The audience of the game was much smaller. The second Shuffle Ricochet game was an even more complex beast than this game was, having multiple methods of summoning cards from the Extra Deck, numbered cards, and much more micromanagement involved. Unfortunately, I had grown very ill at the onset of that game, to the point where I couldn't host it because of how monstrous of a game it was. To top all of this off, the community that I originally hosted these games on has recently died. Its lingering remains lie at Ninfora, but the audience for them there has long since lost interest.

Therefore, a lot of unused story elements from the second game never made the light of day there. I had planned for that entire game to detail the conflict between Shuffle and REAL, ending in the introduction of Nova so that I could focus on him in this game. Because things turned out the way they did, I now had the choice of redoing my second game or moving on. And because my second game would have needed a complete retooling to significantly reduce its unintuitive complexity, I chose to combine story elements and bring them to this game. Things may not be as fleshed out in this game's plot as a result, but I think I'm pretty okay with the outcome, especially since I aimed for it to be fairly standalone in its own right. I wanted to bring a more story-oriented game to this community, because writing is kinda, you know, what goes on here. I figured it would garner more interest than a vanilla game. At the same time, I had been playing Chrono Cross, which led me to introducing the color mechanics present in this game on top of the card mechanics. While I debated hosting such a complex game - clearly, it would be difficult for beginners to comprehend - I believe it added a lot more fun in the end.

This game was a nightmare to mod. Real-time crafting and abilities, player size, and heightening the scope of the story all led to stressful scenes where I had to do anything from 4 to 10 hours of straight work. But I fully enjoyed every second of it. My obvious mistake was making a busted card like UCW too accessible, but otherwise, I think everything operated pretty well in light of that.

The interesting thing I gleamed from players this game was the total lack of private communication. No one ever opted for cards that provided communication outside of the main thread. It was both interesting and disappointing, because I wanted to see fun cards like {Witch's Council} in action. I will say that it was very nice to see that alliances weren't really a thing for once though, just because that never happens with these games usually.

I humbly thank all of you for being patient with me throughout this game, and for playing in general. It wouldn't have been such a fun time without all of your help. I look forward to seeing you in future games, hopefully!

Some postgame things in the next few days to wrap things up fully:
Hidden Ending: The Hidden Ending unlocked by Branya's win condition will be posted within the next week at some point. I just need a bit of rest before I tackle it.
Alternate Endings: These won't be written scenes or anything, but I will detail what would have happened in other scenarios with the story (Ash killing Fire, REAL defeating everyone, etc.).

RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3 - Epilogue

lol that epilogue was hilarious xD
really enjoyed the reading. Everyone already knows the issue with the UGW card, so no need to bring that up anymore than that.

I need to start upping my game on my writings...and actually upping my writings >.>

Hopefully I can manage stories that evoke that same level of emotion that this did within me.

I should get an avatar working at some point soon...