RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3: Color Crafters - Endgame I

Moves I recommend making

75) {Card of Sanctity} All players draw or randomly discard until they have only six cards in their hand at the end of this turn.

86) {Shared Demise} Choose another player. Both of you cannot use other card effects the turn this card is used.

73) {Destiny Draw - Recontract Universe} When drawing this card, you can immediately discard this card and any other cards you drew this turn and instead draw any card from the Extra Deck, ignoring crafting conditions. This card can only be drawn by a player with no cards in their hand at the beginning of the turn (prior to drawing cards for the turn). If this card is not used when it is drawn, it is shuffled back into the Main Deck.  Fire says we're not drawing so this don't work

66) {Trace--} Target a revealed card in the Extra Deck. You can use that card during this turn. At the end of the turn, return as many ingredients for that Extra Deck card as possible from your hand to the Deck and skip drawing during your following turn.

68) {Gamble Shot} If you damage another player and their health is higher than yours at the end of the turn, reduce their health to be the same as yours. If you damage another player and their health is lower than yours at the end of this turn, reduce your health to be the same as theirs.

59) {Ceasefire EX} If you shoot air, negate all shots targeting other players during this turn. All players shooting air during this turn can only draw a maximum of one card the following turn. All players shooting another player during this turn can draw an additional card the following turn.

39) {Card of Heart} Choose a player. Your Primary Color will now match theirs and you will use all card(s) they would have used this turn.

26) {Slow} Choose a player. Their actions will occur after everyone else's actions during this turn. (You may choose yourself.)

13) {Underdog} During this turn, if you attack a player or are attacked by another player and you have less HP than they do: Gain HP equal to the difference between your HP and their HP for this turn only and dodge all card abilities they use and color multipliers that would otherwise affect you.

RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3: Color Crafters - Endgame I

I personally would recommend Using Slow, Shared Demise, And Ceasefire on real.

This way She cannot
A. Use a defense card (Slow, Shared demise)
B. stall (Slow, Shared demise)
C. Attack (Ceasefire)

Then I recommend Using Card of sanctity, which would give us all 6 moves next turn.

1 or 2 using TRACE and
A. Summoning Fire
---a. This would give us another card to use, + fire, who doesn't want him?
B. Distortion Slash
---a. We could pound the witch together!
-----i. Using underdog the next turn would give most of us 39 health.
C. Erupting burning finger
---a. halving her health in one blow is pretty cool.
D. Shadow succession
---a. using this would allow you to get 6-8 cards back for chaining *note this is somewhat nulled by card of sanctity.
E. Shore of Fate
----a. using this gives you a 16 card move....... Need I say more?

if we all picked one of the cards then we have 6 doing their thing from this list, cockblocking Real.
while the other 2 people could do as they liked


Just my lil in depth analysis

Which Fire will entirely debunk, in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

RE: [Forum Game] New Shuffle Ricochet V3: Color Crafters - Endgame I

11/10/2016 8:34:31 AMDarkClaymore Wrote: [ -> ]What's the algorithm for REAL's actions? Does she act based on what we discuss in thread
And how much damage does REAL deal with shots?

Unless there's some special rule against it, I think we could just use {Gamble Shot} to instantly reduce REAL's HP to 10 or less.

The algorithm is a secret. I have to make things interesting somehow... especially when you guys have a lot of cards to use.
Same as you guys for fairness. 5HP dmg. So you may want to be careful with the Primary Color you choose or else you'll die really easily.

11/10/2016 3:07:57 PMTenebrae Wrote: [ -> ]I'll use shared demise on REAL.

Btw, do we have to submit our actions per private message or can we use this thread now?

Like I said earlier, you can use this thread now to submit actions. Also be sure to include your Primary Color if you're using a card. I won't let you be Colorless unless you skip out on using cards for that turn.