Requesting cover art for my stories!

So, this is my first time doing anything like this... here it goes!

What I'm looking for
As the title suggests, I want cover art for my two RRL stories, World Seed and World Keeper. Now, I already have a prototype cover for World Seed, but it is really just an image that I pulled off of google and colored in GIMP. My art skills suck, royally.

Wait, you want specifics for each of the drawings requested? Uhm... uhm... UHM! Okay, I got something! For World Seed, a large tree with various orbs hanging from its branches. Most of the orbs would be out of focus, too far away to make any details out(I don't want to put too much pressure on the artist), while some would be closer. The ones that are closer would contain various scenes of either scifi(spaceships or monster battles) or fantasy(magic, woo!), or even just slice of life.

For World Keeper... This one would focus on the main character, Dale Mitchel. Five foot eleven inches, muscular build, black hair. Dark purple shirt with black pants, his arms crossed behind his back. The scenery around him would be a swirling grey mist, upon which he would cast many shadows. Each shadow looks slightly different from Dale himself, either possessing animal ears or tail(dog, cat, fox, or bear), being incredibly short, or even looking like a centaur. Okay, maybe this one would be a lot harder for artists, but I can hope!

What I intend to use these for, and what I can offer
I'll be honest, I have 0 income at the moment. I'm working on selling my stories on Amazon as that becomes an option, and I believe that cover art would be a fantastic addition to advertise. Whoever creates the art, I will credit on both the RRL page and as the illustrator for the book on Amazon. At the present time... that's really all I can offer.

I hope to hear from people! Make mah artz, please!