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If at any point you stop reading this fiction, cite why here:

Provide a brief impression of the blurb on the fiction page:

Provide a brief impression of just the first chapter (Or first 2-3 if they are extremely short):

If you reached the end willingly, what were unanswered issues do you recall:

If the story follows a main character, tell us what stood out about them:

What about this story feels stereotypical or trope filled to you:

What about the writing style did you enjoy? Provide specifics:

What about the writing style did you dislike? Provide specifics:

Were they any lines that amused you for any reason? Cite them below:

What about the setting bothered you? Be specific:

Tell us the most attractive thing about this story to you:

It is expected that each member do what they can and nothing more. If your desire is to tear apart the fiction for flaws, do so. If you are unable to read it because of the cover or blurb, say so. Provide feedback on any and everything you find yourself willing to suffer through.

Members are NOT to post actual reviews to the fictions at hand, please provide commentary within this thread.

Thank you.