Question for writing

I have an idea for a story and i would like to write it all out first because i am a very lazy person and i don't want to just leave the story half finished or anything and then just drop it but i have a problem. I need something like notepad so i can write the story then when i am finished, I can post it on here but the problem with notepad is it bunches up all of my writing since notepad allows more writing in a straight line then royalroad so i need something else that will force me to write at the same size roayroad is so i can just post it and not worry about having to space everything out again.

Thank you for any help that is given and if this has been asked before i apologize but i couldn't find it because i wasn't sure what to even look up.

(i suck with the periods and comma's so forgive me if they are in the wrong place.)

RE: Question for writing

I always use Microsoft Word. Even if I'm sharing it, I'll just upload the word document onto my google drive instead of making a google doc. Don't hate, it's called loyalty lol.

I like using it because I feel less inclined to surf the web while writing. I have 2 monitors so I'll leave a twitch stream up on one and have word on the other. With just two programs open like that, I tend to focus more on my writing. Of course, that's just me - a person with really bad concentration ):. I put everything in one folder that I also keep on a flash drive, just in case something happens.

Maybe one day i'll use Scrivener, but that day is not today.