RE: I want to delete my fiction novel

Send a support ticket, by making a thread in the Support Ticket forum. State the fiction(s) you want to delete (along with appropriate links). A mod or an admin should respond soon.

Note that removing a fiction will permanently delete anything you have posted.

Your stories here are protected by "some" law, so take note that you can use this in case of plagiarising, I think. Not really sure on that, so you'd have to ask mods about that as well, or a lawyer.

Re: I want to delete my fiction novel


Wrote: I want to delete my selected fiction novels due to the fact that my memory stick was stolen along with my stories.

You might want to consider keeping this for two reasons:

1) proof that you're the author in case the thief tries to publish them (very unlikely in case of physical theft of the stick, but has been done before by people who copied stories)
2) to still have them somewhere in case you want to rewrite them after your current anger has passed