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The Last Angel by Proximal Flame
Earth lost the war; two thousand years later, all that is left of humanity is a single colony world under the guidance of the Compact. Alice Proctor and her Verrish friend Allyria te Neu are on a standard training mission when they find a derelict, titan-scale warship that is not not as dead as it appears.

 Complete, sequel in progress: The Last Angel: Ascension

Now You Fell Like Number None a Bleach fanquest by Omicron
You are Nemo Elcorbuzier, Arrancar #48, a low-ranking servant to Sozuke Aizen, the lord of Las Noches.
Once, you could have been a valuable soldier in his war against the treacherous death-gods which would seek to destroy your kind; but alas the world has shifted under your feet. You are a member of the old generation of Arrancars, created by breaking your own mask in a harsh, painful, bloody process. Your spiritual power was never the highest, and now a new generation of Arrancars is being born; your master has recovered a gem of unimaginable power which he is using to create new, even more powerful Arrancars. Relegated to the lowest ranks of his army of souls, you wish both to claim your moment in the light, the respect of those around you, and simply to survive the terrible, deadly whims of the monsters which compose the higher ranks of Aizen’s army

Heretical Edge by Cerulean

Felicity "Flick" Chambers, a mostly ordinary high-school student, is recruited into Crossroads Academy and brought into a world where she and her fellow students will be made into Heretics and taught to use their extraordinary gifts to protect the mundane world from Strangers, the endless variety of beasts and monsters that lurk within the shadows.

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Just thought of sharing these

Inactive Authors

Hero's Trouble; How did I end up a Hero?!  ( Almost 4 years) 

A Hero's Common Sense (Just a year)

The Reincarnated Heroine (Almost 3 years)

Dryad Relife (3 years) 

Re:Lovely (3 years)

Breaking Syd (3 years) 

Twisted Nerves (Apparently author has site, didn't visit,  will visit later) 

Completed Ones

Dexs/Clairs Adventure

Lament of the Fallen (Author has a new one) 

Deleted Stories

The Red Knight ( The Black Flower Chronicles #0.5)

Fiction Press:

Not sure about the others but A simple Strength is gone.

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Yo, does this list any stories that are on Web Fiction Guide? My completed novella Rainbow Destructor is on there, and it is scientifically guaranteed to be the gayest story ever. I might upload to Royal Road at some point, but it might be more trouble than it's worth lol

EDIT: I put it on Royal Road

EDIT: My story On the Ship is also on here, and is yuri. But this post doesn't seem to be maintained anymore... I can only hope