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Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the ancient grounds of Yuritopia—home to the purest form of love. Today, I'll be giving every interested Royal Road reader an exceedingly rare showcase of my wares. Now, exactly what are my "wares", you ask? Why, of course, it's none other than web novels—web novels of the yuri persuasion, of course! Throughout all the aeons I've lived; all the experience I've garnered; and all the passing events I've come to witness over and over again; there remains only one thing of which I've found myself impervious to being blasé about—yuri. The universe has ended, and I currently live in hyperspace, where yuri is my only solace.

On September 24th, 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope pointed its lens towards a seemingly empty point of space, collecting all the light it could for 115 consecutive days. At the end of those 115 days, scientists found that the universe itself revolved around one thing—yuri. Yuri has always been the primordial force of the universe; the ultimate reality of existence; and the answer to all questions. It is indisputably the universe's raison d'etre. 13.82 billion years ago, before the creation of the universe and everything we knew—there was yuri, and it took the form of an infinitesimally small point of space called a singularity, where it eventually created the universe through what is now known as the Big Bang. Yuri is, and has always been, the axiomatic constant for the ultimate truth of all underlying phenomena—whether it be universal, cosmic, or quantum. Some say it even has dominion over the metaphysical realm, infusing the spiritual and transcendental domain with its benign purity.

I'm confident enough to say that there exists no one else who has ventured further than myself in the endeavor towards all (most) things yuri. I have spent countless millenniums scouring the world, searching for what I could, and today—I've come to show you all my discoveries. If there actually exists anyone else who has braved the depths of the unknown more than me for the sake of yuri (lmao), I will proceed to kill myself.

Without further ado, I shall commence spreading great joy and purity.

  1. Fictions listed are in no particular order and does not include novels with extremely few chapters/content that have been rest-assured abandoned.

  2. I am not, and will not be, arbitrating the quality of any novels listed. This is simply a comprehensive list.

  3. I have VERY SLIGHTLY modified some descriptions to make it more comprehensible (and also because obvious errors in descriptions bother me). Titles will always be verbatim.

  4. The list only strives towards fulfilling the archetype genres of this site (e.g., fantasy, science fiction, supernatural). Works denoting otherwise (i.e., contemporary/vanilla settings) will be included in Royal Road sections, but not the others (FictionPress has so much of those that I'd die listing them, and also the thread would blow up)

            (Declared so by the Universal Yuri Council on the grounds of being FAKE, UNNECESSARY, BADLY-EXECUTED YURI)


Royal Road: Completed Works


          Lol . . .

          The story of a soul seeking new adventure in a new life. A secret wish to find some things he never really found in his old life. Will the universe have other ideas for him again?

  • A Hero Past the 25th
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Grimdark, Summoned Hero

          Ever since she was a child, Itaka Izumi dreamed of being transported into a world of medieval fantasy, where to live her life as a brave hero by the sword. One day, by a miracle, Izumi actually gets her way. Only—she's a child no more... The famous knight princess Yuliana escapes the kingdom of Langoria, defying the king and the law, in an effort to save her world from a prophecy of doom. Caught in a bind, she is saved by a champion, one summoned from another world. But definitely not the kind of a champion she wanted... By forces of circumstances, the two women end up journeying together through the deceitful world of Ortho, where the greatest threat might not be a beast or a monster, but fellow man.

                    Sequel also available here or inside the fiction page's description
                    Second sequel also available here

  • Lily Ex Machina
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Tragedy, Original

          How do you move on from loss? Do you despair? Do you give in? Do you forget? Do you deny? Or do you find an objective, and force yourself to carry on? How much are you willing to sacrifice to move forward? This is the tale of Lily Voirgaire: A girl with the right talent, in the wrong field. This is an account of her loss. Of her growth. Of her journey. Of her decisions. This is a story of moving forth through adversity, of deriving strength from despair... How much loss can one girl take?

                    Also available on author's website (sequel "Seeking Elysium" also available there or here)

  • Binary Soul
    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi, Original

          A world of swords and magic. A place where dreams became reality, legends came to life and the carrots weren’t bad either. One day, a star fell onto this world, carrying one passenger. Okay, there might have been two, but one isn’t a person so let’s call it one and a half. Look, they know it wasn’t really a star, but that made filling out the forms easier so just roll with it. You wouldn’t last long in the city of Runetap if you kept doing useless things like minding the details. That place is a singularity for the weird and the bizarre. Star fell from the heavens for the first time in recorded history? That’s just another Tuesday. They even had the form to report that. This is the light-hearted story of a genius mage girl and hersper doppelganger from another world.

  • My eyes can see
    Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Female Lead, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural

          Do you believe in the supernatural? I didn't. At least not until I woke up with a strange power.At first, I thought it was cool, but it wasn't. That power ruined my life.

                    First volume completed

          I have lived a long, long time. Longer than the universe knows; longer than any star has seen or traveling light records. My memories; that is all that is left that knows that length, and that which was seen within it. Then again, that is all that ever did. When I am gone, it will be forgotten, a truth and a history lost forever no matter who or what tries to find it. I think that is why I write this now. A record, or a lament, of the most significant being of all time. It is a prideful exaltation of endless triumph, or the dread condemnation of infinite evil. I don’t know which; I shall leave it for others to judge. I could explain further, of course. I could list the sins that have been committed, the deeds that have been done. Yet for now, I believe this is enough. Her story will speak for itself. About the good, and evil, in the heart of a single girl burdened with more than her fair share. And how she reacted to it. So, I will tell her story. Of gods and devils, mortals and monsters, of legends long forgotten and civilizations long turned to dust. And in the end, I hope she knows herself, whether it is salvation, or destruction, she should receive.

                    Zzz, took me a while to add this . . .


Royal Road: Ongoing Works/Uncertain Status


  • Redwood Crossing
    Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Reader Interactive, Original

          "Fairytale-inspired fantasy series about two girls who should hate each other. Ellie’s the heiress apparent to Stockbrunn, a town at odds with both the nearby wolves and itself. She’s too busy dealing with her own affairs to notice how the town’s falling apart. Shreya’s caught up in her own world too, trying to escape and reject her identity as a monster she doesn’t want to be. She hides her wolf ears beneath her hat. They meet by accident in a place neither one of them should be. And if it wasn’t for that hat, maybe they would hate each other, after all. This story is about how their relationship progresses over time after their chance meeting."

                    Available on a separate website (updates faster, reader-interactive polls)

  • Silver Death
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Romance, Original

          "At first sight, Yuri is a quiet, cute girl. Today is the day of her execution. Why? That’s because she’s a serial killer. While being tortured to death, she is suddenly summoned to another world. What happens when someone like this is transferred to a world without laws?"

                    Author approves of yuri, and hosts his own website with other works there

          The Story revolves around Jack, who ends up being teleported to another world. As a slight accident happens, he’s now in the body of a female. What will happen in this world, filled with magic and fantasy beings, if there’s a crazed pervert hero running lose?

          I am not a hero of this story. Even though I was reborn as a beautiful maiden, I wasn’t the one to slay the demon lord. However, instead of an eternal vacation in a fantasy land, I had to babysit a horribly overpowered dunce who calls me a childhood friend, while dodging this bastard’s flags.

          A young man reads a book he finds in a bookstore simply titled "The reincarnated heroine". He is pulled into the world as the very same heroine; however, this is not a kind world. Women are not held in high regards or allowed to adventure. He (now a she) must overcome the trials that come with it to make a mark on the world.

          Good evening, everyone. My name is Felicia Belphere Metrune. I am the only daughter of Baron Alphonse Lartes Metrune. I am 7 years old. I haven’t always been Baron Metrune’s daughter, though. I was originally a 29 year old man who lived in Cornwall. One day I was hit by a truck and you guessed it, I was reincarnated into what at first seemed to be medieval Europe. But what’s this? We are a noble family, but why is our house so run down? Why are the fields looking so lifeless? Why does our army consist of one person? Why do we have so much land but it’s all barren? Why? Why? Why?

                    Available on Kindle
                    Author has their own website. She has the nickname "Queen of Yuri", which is rather apt

  • Red Moon
    Drama , Fantasy, Gender Bender, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy

          This is the story of the human hero Luna Rubra and her past.

  • Dryad Relife
    Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life, Virtual Reality, Original

          My name is Sylvia Hunter and I used to be human. I wasn’t dissatisfied with my previous life… Really. But I may have wished for a tiny change before suddenly finding myself transported to another world. Oh, and spoiler alert… I died. That was a lie, but I woke up in a new body so it’s similar. I still half wonder if this is all a dream. Because I’m in a game world.

  • These days,
    Drama, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Original

          Best friends Lilly and Rea have been inseparable since they first met at the local park years ago. On the tenth anniversary of their friendship, Rea makes her true feelings clear. In the weeks following this development, strange phenomena have begun to occur around Lilly. This slice-of-life story follows two girls exploring this new change in their relationship, while also dealing with the bizarre happenings around them. Will their bond survive 'these days’?

                    Available on a separate website (full version)

          I was a normal pupil and lived my daily life with school and light novels as well as a couple of games. I often had the dream of forsaking my world and living in a new world with magic and monster. And after a normal day it happened...

  • The Dark Inheritor
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy

          A princess who lived her entire life in nobility wants to explore the world. Oppressed by her father and living a sheltered life, she wants to escape her fate of being a caged princess. One day, a mysterious girl gives her the perk ” Defeat Inherit”. After meeting this woman, Aisha begins to start a new life of freedom and danger. Corrupted by a madwoman, praised by geniuses, Aisha travels to make her own destiny. Aisha walks down the becoming of age. Watch this young ignorant princess bloom into a dignified and fearsome queen. As the story progresses, she gains insight on the world she was kept away from. Watch her tackle the hardships and situations that tries to halt her advance. Not knowing how to love, she starts to make own harem (unexpectedly). Despite all of the struggles she faced so far... Her path to become stronger will lead her into the Pillars of Gluttony: a place where strong warriors emerge, but every engagement in there is a fight for her life. Upon traveling down this road, she wants to become the greatest and most powerful being of this realm.

                    New version from the author's other account available here

  • Re:Lovely
    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Romance

          One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife. She’s also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos. Enjoy!

  • Breaking Syd
    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mature, Supernatural, Fan Fiction

          ”When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A young woman attains the gift that keeps on giving. When real life turns wonky, she realizes that sometimes — scratch that, most of the time things are not what they seem. Thanks to a few shocking revelations she begins her life going in a new direction. After all, things change when you can suddenly see floating windows and helpful messages all over the place. Not to mention leveling up, let’s not forget leveling up.

          Saint Sophia was one of the most important characters in the history of the world, but who was the woman behind the myth?

  • Twisted Nerves
    Action, Horror, Mature, Romance, Sci-Fi, Virtual Reality, Tragedy, Original

          After having payed her weekly visit to her psychiatric, Lia heads home while thinking about her mother and Dr. Kris’s proposition: playing a game. Of course it’s no normal game: it is the first Virtual Reality MMORPG released by Crathos Inc., the leading company in virtual reality games. Supposedly, the game would make her world whole again. Supposedly, the game would take away the boredom that is her life.

          Did you ever wish that life was like a game? With a simple press on the reset button you can just restart whenever you made a mistake, or simply resurrect after dying while fighting monsters in a dungeon. I tried playing REALITY once, and it sucks! The server is unbalanced, you cant choose where to start or pick the race that you want, and if your unlucky you end up with your character being ugly or worse, being born in a poor family with a physical disability as well. Feeling like other people are born with cheat codes and walkthroughs in life, the unfair situations, treated less as a human being, ostracized by others around you. I finally called it quits, i give up, throw in the towel, kick the bucket, Log-out... Just when i had finally resigned to my fate, tired of living, sadness, loneliness, my entire life flashing in front of my very eyes, darkness overshadowing me, and the ground quickly getting closer by the second. I closed my eyes, the wind blowing on my face, waiting for the curtains to fall on my pathetic-solo performance. I hear a familiar sound, coming from my tablet PC. * tring! * a notification huh? who could be sending me a message so early in the morning. Its not like i’d be able to read it anyway( currently i was free falling head first from the top of our school building ). My life ended on that uneventful day, or perhaps not. [ …..Loading….. ] Follow the journey of a girl through the vast world, trying to find the meaning in life. Looking for any means to keep herself moving forward. Meeting others, will it finally heal her broken heart.

  • New Game Plus
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Original

          In the world of Sykerion, year 451, the demon lord was defeated. Thoth, the hero, died at the end of the battle, satisfied that he finally able to die. Hearing a voice though, his expectations of resting in peace has been betrayed, and a few seconds later, he finds that the pains from his wounds as disappeared, and the location around him changed. Opening his eyes, he looks around in his surroundings, and finds himself in a bright, unknown place. After looking at his body, he believes that fate is just toying with him now. He has reincarnated as a female child.

  • Ascension: Birthright
    Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Sci-fi, Female Lead, Strong Lead

          In one night Kita becomes the emissary for the Arconian nation and is drafted into the Legion of Yorq to apprentice to be the commander. Before the dawn of the next day breaks, her family home is attacked and she, her commander, Angus, and bodyguard Zidin must escape the blazing castle. She journey underground to the Legion's outposts and discovers an ancient secret buried beneath The Mass.
                   How the fuck did I forget this series lol . . . Anyways, the sequels are provided by the author as last chapters
                   EDIT: WTF. Author removed everything from the RoyalRoad site, so you'll have to read from Wattpad

          Tyche, Lakshmi, Budai, Caishen, Fortuna, Laima, Ekeko, Rundas, they are just some of the names humans have given me on Earth. I bring fortune and luck. I govern chance and possibility. I am the personification of the phenomena that rule over matter on a quantum level... and right now I'm on a vacation to enjoy human food around the world, or I was, as someone decided to summon me to another world and stick the "hero" title to me. This new world seems a lot like the games that appeared on Earth in the last decades, so I'm just going to enjoy it for a while.

  • Once More
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Lead, Magic, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead

          "Trouble is brewing, the world is of Karridor is hurtling toward an inevitable doom, and no matter how long I ignore it nobody else seems willing to fix it!" Follow the lazy and capricious "Goddess" Alexandria as she struggles to find someone who can solve the big problems so she doesn't have to. After all Alexandria knows involving herself with the affairs of the outside world is a losing proposition that always ends in heartbreak, it's a lesson she's learned again and again, but maybe it's time to learn it once more?

          Meet Archill and Reiolle, the two deities that are unmatched in strength. They fall in love and wish to have a child, however the laws of the universe do not allow them to do such act. Archill is from the clan of Sun, given the title of Sunlight Spear and as such is representative of Balance throughout universes. Reiolle represents darkness. Since Darkness normally seeds and implies Chaos, it should be impossible for Archill to fall in love with Reiolle. This seems not to be the case, for ever since he met her, he fell in love. As a sentinel and overseer of balance, he is cursed with inability of having a child, for such thing while he exists, might cause unbalance. After being in each other's company for over 1 million years, they decide that they have grown tired of same old conflicts. They decide to leave this plain of existence, but not without doing one thing they dreamt of for many eons. And so they have a child, but in the process, they get destroyed. What will the child end up being? What shape will its life take? Journey through the world of Dedrillon, where its balance will be in hands of someone, who is created to rival the gods!

  • Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos
    Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Harem, Magic, Multiple Lead Characters, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation, Strong Lead, Supernatural

          A normal, albeit tomboyish, Japanese high school girl is reincarnated as a monster made up of tentacles, in a world of sword and magic, and beings that drain one's sanity simply by existing. She is thrown out into the wilderness with the condition to return to the demon castle within three years, to have a claim to the throne. But she does not really feel the urge to do so... or will her secret Chuunibyou heart beat faster at the prospect of becoming the next demon lord after all?

  • Lament of the Fallen
    Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Magic, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead

          What happens when the great war is over and the 'good' side has won? What happens to the last surviving members of the fallen 'evil' side of the conflict? This is the tale of one of those survivors. Will she try to seek revenge? Will she try to hide her origin and ancestry and live in peace? Or will the universe have something else in mind?

  • The Demon Queen
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, LitRPG, Magic, Non-Human lead, Strong Lead, Summoned Hero, Supernatural

          This is a strange predicament I got myself into. Before me was the king of a human kingdom. "Welcome heroes from another world! Humanity needs your help in defeating the [Demon King]! His plans to destroy humanity must be stopped, and you are the destined heroes to defeat him!" Or so he says. No matter what, isn't this a really weird situation? I'm a demon you know? A demon! And not just any demon either, I'm the [Demon Queen] you know?! Why was I summoned as a hero?!

  • A Girl and her Goat
    Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Harem, Magic, Strong Lead

          Chloe Yinara, she’s a countess, she expects to be a marquis in due time, she’s a mage, and she’s staring at a black goat that appeared in the summoning circle when she called for a familiar and took more power to summon then she could have possibly provided on her own.

          Decena, A 10-year old beggar was walking along the streets of Nova, when suddenly she had an encounter that would give her another chance at life. Her and her newfound family would develop a connection that changed their respective fates forever.

          For 16-year-old Aya, life was simple. Academically gifted as one of the top students in the nation, and heralding from the renowned and wealthy Kuramoto family, it was like she was playing life on easy mode. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that she was also a complete beauty by all standards of the word, catching the heart of almost every guy in the school. Everything was going according to plan, until the new transfer student arrived...

  • Bubin
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Non-Human lead, Reincarnation, Strong Lead

          After uniting earth, Rikasha takes the liberation of mankind one step forward by killing God and capturing her legion of angels, but before she can consume the defeated soul, she is captured and obliterated by the cosmos' 11 sentient figures. Having an immortal soul and transcendent mind, she is to be exiled from earth's corner in the universe, given the punishment to reincarnate in a world under the jurisdiction of The Architect. Follow Rika as she tries to understand this unknown world and regain her place among the strongest born mortal in the universe, even after having her memories stolen, and her powers ripped from her

          Dental hygienist Isa Chamberlin thought the biggest challenge in her life was getting over a messy breakup, but when she pops into a new neighborhood bar, she finds herself in a different world, one filled with wizards, spells, and monsters. Join Isa as she explores unfamiliar surroundings, uncovers new skills, and learns to level. Magic and monsters, allies and enemies, romance and danger, all of it just on the other side of a simple door. “Wear these bracers with pride.” the half-orc slid first one bracer and then the other over Isa’s forearms. “Fight with your heart,” he said as he pulled the laces tight. “And come back with a story to tell. That is what an adventurer does.”

  • Flow
    Action, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, Strong Lead

          Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings.

                    Also available on author's WordPress here (updates faster)

  • Zeroth Knight
    Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Anti-Hero Lead, Female Lead, Grimdark, Harem, Magic, Martial Arts, Reincarnation, Secret Identity, Strong Lead, Summoned Hero                  

          Imagine being taken to another world against your will; with your very identity being slowly corroded and overwritten. Imagine that same world demands a life from you, so contrary to your previous one. That is the world Eve finds herself in. A world destined to fall into madness demands a hero; and forces itself upon Evangeline, even if it's against her will. Will she allow fate to twist her being into another, or run from it? And will her past help define her future? This is a tale of her struggles, and a star-crossed love destined by Fate to never converge. This is the tale of Zero, and all.

                    Not completely certain on protagonist's sexuality, but looks to be 95% on the yuri route

  • A 3% Chance for Glory
    Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Female Lead, Harem, LitRPG, Magic, Slice of Life, Strong Lead

          [Gacha]—A microtransaction revolution that has taken over the mobile gaming market, offering the chance to attain powerful in-game items in exchange for a small amount of money. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless. A risky gamble, to be sure, but one that costs so little with each try that it ensnares all who fall prey to its siren song. For some, the [Gacha] is a harbinger of doom. For others, it is a power that elevates them above their peers. For Brynhildr Weber, it is a form of solace. Suffering from suffocating expectations and a harsh working environment, with the troubles of being someone who looks different from her peers, compounded by an unfortunate name bestowed by well-meaning parents, Brynhildr finds recourse in the little gambles of the [Gacha], the little spikes of happiness that it grants her. But when she finds a new [Gacha] game on her phone, everything changes. She's sent to another world, a world of fantasy and magic. Moreover, she's granted a class that fits her perfectly. And so began the tale of the world's first, and only, [Gachamancer].

          Lily Bouquet is a collection of different short stories with a common theme: they're all stories about love between girls. The stories might vary in themes and genre, but they're all focused on the romantic relationship between two or more girls. While some stories might be a continuation of previous ones, this will be mentioned at the start, so any story can be read by itself.

  • Mourning Glory
    Contemporary, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Female Lead, School Life, Slice of Life

          A year and a half after Elizabeth's suicide, Sara Mera's life settles back to normalcy from a battle of depression. Sara's life is thrown back into that pit of darkness when her hand in the suicide is exposed to the world. In a negative state of mind, she meets the girl who was Elizabeth's best friend who is still suffering from her death.  Afraid another tragedy will happen, Sara selfishly becomes friends with the girl but never expected that she would be the one who light's up Sara's world in the darkness. Bound by fate and desire the two develop a friendship they never expected and fall in love despite their wishes.

  • エッセンス (Essence)
    Action, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Female Lead, Harem, Multiple Lead Characters, School Life, Strong Lead

          The year 2042, 15 years ago, the Earth experienced a cataclysmic event on a worldwide scale known as the First Nebula Invasion. 15 years later Aiko joins the same Essentia Academy, that Sachika also attends known as the Phantom Queen. Together they become Familiar and Coordinator to battle the ever rising threat of the Nebula.

          1980, a new land appeared in the Pacific Ocean, alongside specials abilities. Humans capable of creating fire with only a simple thought, or others with senses greatly enhanced. 40 years later, a student from this new land disappeared from the surface of earth. After working in another worlds for 50 years and gained colossal powers, she finally came back in order to see the one that she longed for the most. However, only 10 days passed in her world.

                    Umm, ignore the "Male Lead" tag lol . . .

  • Runtime Error
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Female Lead, LitRPG, Magic, Reincarnation, Strong Lead

          A girl's death forms the foundation for a plan centuries in the making. But when she shakes off their control, and forces the plans of beings millennia old to change, can she avoid being tied up as a loose end? With only what she could take with her in her mind, and a new body with surprising depths, she begins her new life in a world unlike her own.

          Sora, a normal 15-year-old girl who has an obsession with magic, witchcraft, and cute girls, embarks on a journey she never expected to be on. How will her tale unfold as she learns more about the new world she was tossed into. Magic, mystery and much much more await Sora, as she ventures forth into this new harsh world. That and a ton of cute girls for her to drool over. Everyone loves cute girls right?

          As the last remaining demon, Princess Hilda died. Fortunately, due to the mysterious powers at work, she's alive and awake. Unfortunately, there were just a few problems: she turned into a human; it's 1000 years into the future; the magic in the world is thinning; the demons returned under a new ruler. However, the most problematic of all, the infamously cruel ruler of the human race took notice of her. Thus begins the life of a fallen royalty, on the pursuit of happiness.

  • The Game Of The Gods.
    Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Martial Arts, Strong Lead, Supernatural

          A young woman by the name of Elena wakes up one morning to a blue screen in front of her. This blue screen tells her that she is one of Two Million poeple on earth chosen to be Beta Testers in a new game called The Game Of The Gods. "Welcome Elena! You have been chosen as one of TWO MILLION people on the planet Earth, to participate in the beta test for The Game Of Gods. This game includes a non-disclosure agreement which has been automatically signed by you! As a beta tester, you have the right to The Tutorial. Would you like to take it? [Yes] [Remind Me In An Hour] [No]" What will she do?


Fictionpress: Completed Works


          Iliyana is the queen of a small country which has been at war with neighboring Dragavia for thirty years.When Iliyana is presented with a slave in peace talks, she finds herself falling for the woman she has sworn to set free.

                    CHECK OUT ANYTHING WRITTEN BY THIS AUTHOR—SHE IS AWESOME FOR WRITING SO MUCH YURI! This story in particular has a sequel on author's page. Author hosted their own website, but I can't find it anymore. If anyone still remembers Deviant Hearts before it shut down, the author posted a story with over 80k words, and it was awesome. Can't seem to find it anymore...

          Princes Alexis Jade thought her life would be like the fairy tales she read: get rescued and live happily ever after. Too bad this isn't a fairy tale.

          Two girls who have not spoken to each other for years find themselves in another world that they must save. Will their journey bring them closer together?

          A female pirate captain goes out to plunder a ship. Her plan, however, doesn't turn out like she expected when she meets a formidable opponent.

          Zorana is your average knight in disguise sent away with the King's timid son to find a princess kidnapped by a very articulate dragon. At least that's what she thinks is going on. Not everything is as it seems in this fairy tale!

          The story of a hotheaded warrior woman and her slave. Set in an Ancient Greekish sort of fantasy world.

                   Note: Contains over 313k words. One hell of a ride if you can soldier through it.

          Isabella is a knight with a blood-soaked past, but in her final year she's finally given a chance for something more; Haruka, a monk assassin who resents her current life more than she wants to admit, chooses her over her "duty". But both women have people who refuse to let them leave their pasts so easily, sending them into a race for survival...

                    Available on Amazon and Kindle
                    This story . . .

          Lea, a lamia boxer, was at the top of the world, until she let her arrogance and greed ruin her life. Now homeless, she lost all will to live, until she met Julie, owner of a home group that is sinking with debt. Finding new purpose, Lea must put her gloves back and return to the ring. Will it be as easy as before, or will she fail? Read to find out.

                    Available on Kindle
                    There's a sequel. Both stories combined make up over 304k words

          Follow the lives of two girls, one a princess and the other her birthday gift, as they build a bond between each other while trying to make it through life in a society where females and others are looked down on.

                    CHECK OUT ANYTHING WRITTEN BY THIS AUTHOR—THEY ALSO WRITE TONS OF YURI. This story in particular has a sequel on author's page. Seriously though, these people have multiple works of fiction zooming past tens of thousands of words each while I'm releasing one chapter for every dwarf star that's gone through hydrogen fusion. Kill me.

          Enfri is the last sky woman of her village. She is a healer, herbalist, and midwife. One day, she and her protective dragon guardian are visited by a coterie of royal assassins, and it changes the course of her life forever. She is hunted for reasons she does not understand and begins to unravel the truth of her heritage.

                    This story also has the sequel Rune Knight and the second sequel Blood Runner

          A Seer gathers a group of women from war ridden countries to fight a darker power that threatens the world of Valen into oblivion. Their hope lies on the herald (a woman with a complex personality, dark reputation and a tendency to give in to rage) and a desert nomad princess who has an innate ability to control her.

                    Shit-ton of sequels available on author's page

          Vera never expected to become the stuff of legend in this small town, but she relishes every moment of her fame. "Never go near red cars," the townsfolk will tell you—and for good reason. She drives a red Viper, and once you go into it, you never come back. At least, that's how things were, how they had been for one glorious year. Now, with a demon coalition forming to take Vera down and the humans rising to do it themselves, her routine has become impossible to uphold and her current victim, Lauren Dexter, impossible to kill. Unfortunately for Lauren, once you fall into a demon's hands, it's nigh impossible to get out—and once you fall in love with that demon, you never want to leave. And once that demon falls in love with you... well, you'll see.

          An angel and a devil. Light and dark. Chocolate and vanilla. Two things in common. Love, and gender.

                    Quite short, but it's yuri and complete

          A Werecat coming home. A Vampire longing for her forgiveness. And a killer on the loose. Can they forget the past to save today?

                    Remake of author's previous story. Like the author said, it's a slow-burning story with over 100k works


Fictionpress: Ongoing Works/Uncertain Status


          17 year old wolf demon Lynn Bishop has many unanswered questions concerning who and what she is. When a woman requests her to be an assistant in her home, Lynn takes up the chance to finally gain the freedom she has craved. But what secrets is the woman hiding, and what's with the woman's snooty daughter and the man stalking her in her dreams?

          A war in a dayless land, two races wage war; the sophisticated Tsukibians and the primitive Nekobians. However when a Tsukibian soldier falls off a cliff and into the custody of a lonely Nekobian clueless of the war, all is fare in lust and war.

          After losing everything and having her life shattered, Amber runs from her past and joins a small group of Elves, where meets much, to her surprise, another human, Louise, can she find love help and her new family? Or will they be destroyed?

          Twins Canaan and Sei must find a way to change their fate before the Demon Xia-Lin collects their souls. Will they find a loophole before the deadline?

          Be wary of those things that go bump in the night...

          A girl on the run with a secret to hide is found in a country she is sworn enemies with. Fleeing from her own people, looking for sanctuary. A past revealed. Cultures collide, battles commence and love creeps in. War is always just over the hill, waiting.

          Her eyes stare at me as if to say I already know the truth: that I am hers, and hers alone. Sadly, I do not feel any love conveying from those eyes: just the harsh truth dwelling inside of me. If this isn't love then Maya's tender embrace is sure to trap me in her forbidden bind, the lust that will soon consume us both as a hunter and a vampire.

          Devasti Rassfeld had been set on a fifteen year journey home.. and now that she has returned she finds that all is not well and that she must once again take up her sword to defend the kingdom.

          Amaki is finally married off, at an age by which all her sisters and cousins had long been already. Her new wife is iKreyui Iku?i, a magickally gifted war hero revered by the very people who had just a couple years ago defeated Amaki's nation. Amaki was pretty sure she knew what she was getting into, but it soon becomes clear Iku?i isn't exactly what she seems.

                    No, I'm not trolling—that's actually how the names are spelled in this story.

          When Charlotte rescues a young girl running through the Knight's Barracks, the last thing she expects is that the petite blond is May, Seihara of Llewellyn. Every Knight in Tithiel has heard her name. Their neighbouring ally, Ayleth wants her desperately. In fact, Ayleth's own Spy Master, Callias herself was after her.

                    Author has a few other works of yuri on his userpage

Fuck it. Forgot where I left off, so I'm gonna move on, yo.


Translated works from other sources (TL)


          Upon having her village razed and slaughtered by demons, the little girl named Ryua manages to escape and survive the onslaught, wandering around aimlessly thereafter. Eventually, she stops wandering, instead stumbling upon an unknown dungeon filled with monsters and innumerable floors. As time passes and the years go on, she overcomes the obstacles and endures her way through the dungeon gradually, becoming incredibly strong along the way. Upon reaching the 100th floor, the now-teenage Ryua encounters an extremely strong demon who calls himself the "King of Destruction", eventually clashing with him. She wins the fight, but not without some injuries. Upon defeating him, she has now fully completed the dungeon, deciding to finally venture to the outside world afterwards. This is the story of her adventures.

                    Basically the entire site revolves around translating japanese yuri novels, so go check it out.
                    (Kinda stole the description from there too lol)

          Our protagonist was slowly becoming a college dropout. He then started getting into online games and decided that this time he wanted to play as a female. He created the cutest possible girl he could, and was then sent to another world… as that same girl. 

          One day, due to God’s mistake, Tomoaki Akino’s life was accidentally snatched away. Though he gratefully accepted the cheat offered as an apology and reincarnated, he was reborn as a female elf! Then time passed, and Tomoaki now works as the intelligent and beautiful receptionist named Ilya in the Lunéville branch of the Guild Association. In a world of swords and magic, her job in the guild begins today.

          My name is Miyamoto Mai. Today is the day I will start my adventure in the new and popular VRMMO Infinite Dungeon Online, aka IDO. After finally creating my character with an unpopular class and skills, I’m suddenly transferred to a different world. Finally, an exciting life-or-death adventure awaits me. That’s what I thought, but what’s with these cheats!?

                    Once again, Shinsori approves of yuri, so go check him out. This story's been dropped by the author, but there's enough content to kill some time, I suppose.

          A woman who wants to become an Imperial Chef and her adventures as she sets outs to achieve her dreams in the capital.

          As the goddess Faltina’s country was destroyed, she received the title of evil god and was doomed to wander the world. Originally she bestowed miracles to protect the country but the the country’s faith in her diminished and conversely decreased her powers. A statue of that goddess Faltina was picked up by a cat-eared beastman and soon became the guardian deity of a desolated beastmen village. As a result, with her powers restored, Faltina decided to protect the cat-eared beastmen. Before long, the village grew to engulf both dog and cat eared beastmen and developed into a splended nation. The guardian deity who protects the beastman kingdom!

There's a few others here of which I'm either too lazy or too suspicious of to put on here (e.g. Dragon's Bloodline). Fuck me, right?


Honorable Mentions


Holy shit, what am I doing? I'm going to stop here for now. This thread actually saw its existence three and a half weeks ago when I actually began writing it; it was almost done, but I was lazy and left it alone for a couple of weeks. Kept a lot of you fams waiting, didn't I, eh? Time to commit sudoku.

Anyone here who wants to try helping a niggah out can contribute whatever else they have. Contact me or something, and I'll come back here to add it to the list. Found any broken links? Please do point them out. As a side note, I won't actually kill myself lol.

RE: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

Well, since my main protagonist is infertile and can not have kids, I do confirm that my fiction is going to be a yuri. She will get married, but I do not wish to spoil it that far, since the character is not even introduced yet. Until chapter 50 there will be hints as her sexual orientation develops and as she attains more knowledge, but for now she is a child. The title of fiction is "A saga of Alviona, a girl who would be known as crimson queen".

RE: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

11/12/2017 14:58:53phmmoura Wrote: [ -> ]I'll add my yuri story here.

I've had my eyes on this for a while, but due to its inactivity back then I didn't include it in the list. I'll be adding it in as of this message though, thank you for bringing it up!

11/10/2017 06:39:52MinRan Wrote: [ -> ]Shouldn't Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos be on this list ? Even if the protagonist is basically an Eldritch Abomination, she's still taking the appearance of her past self (a normal human girl) and has sex with a dark elf loli, a pseudo (fallen) angel girl, and (arguably) with a slime girl.

I went through about the first 30 or so chapters half a year ago and completely forgot what happened after losing track of it. I wasn't aware that it made some yuri developments, but I'll be adding it now, though. Thank you!

RE: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

Pillars of Faith. About a women who is a ghost/spirit. She can destroy and recreate her body any time she wishes and shapeshift it into weapons etc. She is cursed to murder a human roughly once a month. Has a lot of discussion about depression and mental illness, as the MC hates herself and what she is and want to die but cannot. She meets an empath named Lily and we go from there. Very well written so far:

Re: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

Here are some more Yuri novels on fiction press. Follow the links to read the summary ;): 
3 completed Yuri novels by this author 
Tiger Lily > Lara & Aylen > Uncharted Streets (imo, but I liked all 3) 

Timed Stopped (Complete): 
Crossing the Line: (complete; sequel to Time Stopped): 

Music to my ears (Complete): 

Cloud9 (Complete): 

This author has a lot of Yuri novels: 
Sonnets in my gym bag & sequel are her best stories imo. 
Vox Vi (Warning: has rape) 

New Girl (bisexual; discontinued, but hella long):

Always Forever and now (complete): 

Forgot a bunch of others, but it's easy to find more by searching femslash.