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So drogan, Donkey... Hmmm, Would one of you...
Like to perform... a deal with me?

Its just a small~ deal.
Pact[2]: Offer a Blood Contract to another player. If they accept it, then your death will cause them to die as well. In exchange, they’ll be able to add 2 unused maidens to their harem.

But its not necessarily restricted~~~ Who knows, someone might convince me to join them first.

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Spoiler :

The inside of Solfyr's brain presents:
Solfyr's player alignment, a study of how he thinks of you.

BlaiseCorvin (Neutral)
1 Branya (Unfamiliar)
4 Caera (Cautious)
4 DonkeyMonsterz (Amused by)
5 Nexus Wolf (Cautious)
4 Fire (Cautious)
2 Drone C (Sorrowful towards)
7 Solfyr (Questioning Sanity)
4 Tenebrae (Friendly)
1 Pochi 2 (terrified of)
4 Drogan (Friendly)
1 Pochi 1 (Terrified of)
1 Tony The Rage (amused by)
5 KantusRPG (Curious toward)
3 Alicornfater (Unfamiliar)

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9/16/2016 5:28:53 PMDrogan Wrote: [ -> ]also claymore how does the ice's wall abiltiy really work since the wording is really vage
Yeah it's a little hard to shortly summarize. Basically, you target a player and the wall will be formed above them on the player list, which is this list right now: BlaiseCorvin (Thief/Vampire)  [Web] Branya (Octopus/Goddess) Caera (Angel) DonkeyMonsterz (Pyromaniac/Mermaid/Assassin)  [Silence](2) Nexus Wolf (Wolf/Reaper) Fire (Princess/Joker) Drone C Solfyr (Avenger/Summoner)  [Strength](1) Tenebrae (Android) Pochi 2 (Warlox's spider) Drogan (Hydra/Ice) Pochi 1 (Warlox's spider) Tony The Rage (Pirate) KantusRPG (Cat/Dragon)  [Silence](1) Alicornfater (Idol)

I'll use a simpler list as an example though: Player A Player B Player C Player D Player E

If you target Player C, then you'll add the wall above them and will separate the player list into two like this: Player A Player B
=====Ice Wall===== Player C Player D Player E

Players on different sides of the wall can't directly shoot each other. Say, A can shoot B, but he can't shoot C. Air shots will ignore the wall though.

If, at any point, there's only one player on any side of the wall, then the wall immediately melts. If you started out by targeting Player B for the wall, then you would have created a scenario like this: Player A
=====Ice Wall===== Player B Player C Player D Player E

In this case, Player A is all alone and that's an illegal situation. The wall will melt as soon as it's created in this case.

You can also create multiple walls and the same general logic will apply. There are also some special scenarios with some abilites, say the Goddess's Storm can cheat around the wall since it treats the list as "cyclic"; she can fire at the top/bottom and have her shot appear on the other side of the list, thus passing into an area that would have been normally blocked by a wall.

Also, if you target dies then you'll fail to make a wall but will still lose the AP.