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9/4/2016 9:10:24 PMDarkClaymore Wrote: [ -> ]If there's only one player staggering and three air shooters (who weren't shot themselves), then the staggering scrub will get 1 dmg from his own shot + 3 dmg from all these air shooters. So a total of 4 dmg.

Doesn't this mean getting staggered means you open yourself to getting completely one shot ?

I don't know the health gauge so this is contiversal if the heath is like 10 but if its 5, this makes protecting your self against 1 bullet for the chance of open yourself to many a really bad choice.

but well shooting your self in the head is a really bad idea anyway.

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Staggering seems to make things more balanced overall from my perspective, so shooting self being potentially fatal is an interesting consequence.

If staggering wasn't in place then most people gladly abuse shooting self. One logically finds it most cost effective to take a maximum hit of -1HP, with the potential of reflecting damage and instead losing no health, to ensure their longevity in most vanilla Ricochet games. Shooting air also does nothing in particular for you in normal Ricochet games besides sparing you potential damage from shooting someone else at best and leaves you wide open to damage from multiple sources in the worst outcome.

With the staggering condition added on it makes the Ricochet weapon triangle more balanced. There's more reason to actually shoot air if you can damage those who are hiding behind shooting self, and people will be more cautious in shooting self overall. Shooting someone else and shooting air could always be fatal. The same couldn't be said of shooting self without staggering being a thing.

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@Drogan: Pretty much what Fire said. We play ricochet a lot in other communicates, and self-shooting often becomes a cheap last-resort strategy to die slower. This is what my stagger mechanic hopes to address, by ensuring that shooting yourself isn't as great as it could be. To make up for the extra danger, ricochet is stronger when it's successful (dealing 2 dmg to the attacker).

@Fire: Maybe one day Ash will agree too

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To satisfy another requested fetish, I added the Hydra maiden. She's taken by Drogan.

Ravage[2]: Shoot a player. Your shot will deal +2 dmg.
Regeneration[2]: Shoot self and restore 1 HP for each shot you ricochet.

Keep in mind that Ravage also deals +2 dmg on ricochet, meaning that if reflected... Drogan gonna get 4 dmg.

Also, signups will end in about 24 hours. If you want to change your starter maiden for whatever reason, then you should do so now.

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9/5/2016 1:58:02 PMNexus Wolf Wrote: [ -> ]What happens if i miss a turn? And will turns be updated here?

If you miss a turn, then I'll default your action to shoot air. If you repeatedly miss turns and don't provide any reasons for that, then I may resort to modkill you. To avoid that, you can submit actions/instructions ahead of time if you suspect to be absent.

And yes, updates will take place in this thread.

9/5/2016 2:00:03 PMTenebrae Wrote: [ -> ]When I hit someone with Hack (Android) while others hit the player with shoot air, will the effect get applied before or after the DMG from shoot air is done?

The switch will happen after dmg calculations. It's a very circumstantial ability, but it may pay off in very extreme situations.

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9/6/2016 2:02:03 AMBlaiseCorvin Wrote: [ -> ]hmmm let me think about it.  I need to put together a spreadsheet so I know who is who.

There will be a detailed status document for that once the game begins (with Pictures!).

Forming an alliance before game start is perfectly fine, as long as it's through the thread. In general, alliances are encouraged, as they can turn a game with lots of random into much easier to predict and manipulate. The game managed to gather a fine number of participants, so there will be at least 3 winners allowed.

It doesn't seem that more people will be joining anytime soon, so I'll  begin the game in about 6 hours or so. I'll usually post a scene at the beginning of each turn, to give the game some flavor and to describe actions in more detail. Keep in mind:  these scenes are there for fun, and they aren't mandatory to read if you don't feel like it. There will always be a list of action results by the end of each turn, so you can get all the details from it instead.

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Prologue: Transported!?

Blaise Corvin was a smarter than some, richer than others and his novel did better than average But all in all, he wasn’t an OPMC and he clearly wasn’t Dolos (or was he?).

But that day - everything changed.

There was ominous wind in the sky, no doubt a bad omen for Corvin. He crossed the familiar street on his way home, same as always. Only, that day, a speeding truck decided to meet him midway

By the time Corvin noticed the approaching death - there was no chance to flee or dodge. In that one instant, in which he realized his upcoming demise, only one thought cross Corvin’s mind.

Meh, reincarnating... can’t I at least be transported to another world instead?

Of course, the universe heeded Corvin’s silent words. After all, on that day, Corvin was chosen to become an OPMC. The plot, the setting and even atoms themselves - everything existed for his sake.

Right before the truck rammed him - Corvin vanished from the street,.

“This doesn’t look half bad.”

Corvin examined the green fields around him with a smile. Since LitRPGs were Corvin’s breakfast, he immediately understood: he was transported to another world. He became an OPMC, destined to collect an amazing fantasy harem... or so he thought.

“Huh? What’s this place?” “The heck?”

Corvin wasn’t the only one in this new world. There were other guys around, all of them were transported to this world as chosen OPMCs. Corvin didn’t like that, not even one bit.

“Welcome to Harem Land, gentlemen.”

A voice echoed in everybody’s heads.

“This world overflows with mystical maidens, all with their own goals and wishes. Alas, despite their great powers, the maidens happen to be completely worthless by themselves.”

A pack of girls surrounded the guys while the voice explained,. They belonged to a myriad of archetypes, from classics like “Princess” to fetishes like “Spider”.

“You were all summoned to give purpose to these maidens’ lives. In return, they’ll swear eternal loyalty to you and will stay in your harem till end of time.”

Magical handguns appeared in everybody’s hands. Corvin quickly started dismantling his gun, to check its structure and materials. Others simply stared at their guns, skeptical about manual instructions like “shoot self” and “shoot air”.

“This world has a strict rule. Only three males can live in here for a long time, or else the world’s balance of pheromones will be disturbed. At worst, the world will collapse and vanish from existence.”

At that point, Corvin understood it clear as day. These other guys, who joined him on this fantasy trip, were no friend of his. The gun, which he just took apart, was meant to dispose of his competitors. Corvin hurried to put the gun back together...

For many, these were new and bizarre circumstances. However, two strangers felt perfectly at home in this situation.

“Nice to see you, Fire. Let's be friends.”

“Well, I'm already used to being kind to you, so sure.”

Caera and Fire exchanged fake smiles, while quietly loading guns behind their backs.

At first, the participants felt tense about the dangerous circumstances. Sadness filled them when they realized the harsh truth: they may never see their loved ones again.

However, once beautiful maidens approached them, all these thought were thrown out of the window.

“This world is great!” “My previous life? Never heard of that fiction!”

Thus, everybody passed the test to become an OPMC. Their guns were filled with magical deus ex machina bullets, and they were ready to tear each other to apart.

“Wait you all. Are you really going to participate in this silly thing?”

Only one man in the crowd objected, he was known as Kana. Some knew him as a respectful moderator, while for others he was a lazy code monkey who couldn’t upgrade RRL to V3.

“Don’t you see how weird this game is? Why do we need to fight anyway? We should find a way to return back to our world instead. I don’t know about you all, but I have a website to build.”

Alas, Kana’s words fell on deaf ears. Return? Back to the normal world? Everybody glared at Kana with disgust and ridicule, they couldn’t understand what that alien blabbered about.

“B-but I thought you loved spiders... sob sob.”

The Spider maiden was heartbroken by Kana’s rejection. She waited for so long time for somebody pick her as a heroine, but nobody ever wanted a maiden with disgusting spider limbs.

“Don’t worry! I’ll take good care of you!”

Warlox stepped forward and chose the Spider maiden for his harem. He secretly wanted a tentacle maiden, but he didn’t let it show on his face.

“Just you watch! We’ll win this sugoi fight with the power of animu!”

The Spider maiden was easily swayed by Warlox’s charismatic words. They were nonsensical at best, but the animu was strong with them.

At this point, everybody rejected Kana and his opinions. In the first place, how could they respect someone who needed a millennia to build a better website?

“One thing I forgot to mention. Have you experienced horrible ads on RRL lately? All Kana’s fault. He tied to earn easy money off you all.”

“H-hey, that was just a honest accident-”


Kana was blasted to pieces by everybody’s guns. Kana’s screams of pain and agony was the melody to announce the beginning of the Harem Wars.

Summary: BlaiseCorvin (Thief) Warlox (Spider) Branya (Octopus) Caera (Angel) DonkeyMonsterz (Pyromaniac) Nexus Wolf (Wolf) Fire (Princess) Solfyr (Avenger) Tenebrae (Android) Drogan (Hydra) J0nn0 (Assassin) Tony The Rage (Pirate) KentusRPG (Cat)


Relevant Maidens List

Turn 1 begins now.
Deadline: 8/9 05:00 PST