In Progress next step by 09/27 Review Request

Hey there! Could you guys review my fiction, please?

Fiction Name:
Fiction Link:

Do you want the ‘for the Writer’ portion on your Fiction Page (for everyone to see) or only on the forum post (will publically visible, but less obvious):
Either way is good. I mean, unless I suck too much, in which case I'd rather it be only in a forum post.

Other important notes:
Thanks for doing it! :D

A method to contact you (Email, PM on the forum, post on fiction, etc.):
Either way is good.
If you prefer it to be via email, it's [email protected]

I hope you guys enjoy it!

RE: In Progress next step by 09/27 Review Request

I'm going to have to work on the phrasing a bit. The 27th (or whatever date) is usually for me to remember when I need to post a new update for you. It's not a hard line completion date - at least in this current format.

I spent most of last night reading through the entire book; it took me a bit to get into. As such I'lll be able to gather up all the feedback and turn it into something impartial and hopefully effective for both you and the new readers.

A week's timeframe is about right - hopefully I can wrap it up over the weekend at the latest. We have a few more reviews in place and my real life task list is long.

If you have story specific questions you'd like to ask the audience you certainly may - at this stage they won't color the review results.

RE: In Progress next step by 09/27 Review Request

I'm still working on wrapping it all up. It's about halfway through with decent looking responses from [ReGro] members. There were a few captured  quotes worth sticking in and members in general noted the same issues - so my goal is to have it finished tonight or tomorrow pending sanity.

After that point members look at the review, check it for coherency and fleshed out thoughts before signing off on it, and our [ReGro] bot / overlord and master then posts the review on your fiction.

It may not be 'up' until Monday or later. That's the closest estimate I can give you.

RE: In Progress next step by 09/27 Review Request

11/3/2016 8:29:09 PMedwardcastle Wrote: [ -> ]
11/3/2016 8:41:14 AMArgos Wrote: [ -> ]Eh, we gave everything, just Frust seems a bit too busy. He's supposed to write up the tentative review... but I haven't seen anything yet. 

Oh, you changed your cover. Good. It looks better than what was there before... Although he looks positively less undead than I'd have imagined.

Oh, I see.

Alright, I'll wait a little more! :D

If you really want some feedback now, I can just copy/paste my thoughts and all. Then we can just use this platform as a way to communicate.

Your part 1 was better than the later parts, just so you know.