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I'm writing one right now

Setting is 2250, initially pre first-contact / pre FTL tech.

It's hard to say what genre it's in. It's heading towards military sci-fi / space opera. But it starts out as teen / YA viewpoint (for one of the main characters), but also military sci-fi with an alien lead (the other viewpoint character). Has aspects of fantasy as well (Godlike beings with powers, telepathy, puppeteers behind the universe, etc). I'd say it's character driven more so than plot, but the plot definitely has a place to go. 

Honestly if someone could read it and tell me what you think it is, that'd be great. 

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I read this some time ago, not sure what category it falls under, is there a gay sci-fi genre? Neon by William King.

In a future where it never ceases to rain, Joel finds himself alone on the streets after curfew. How he got there is not clear, his memory is fragmented. Is it being rescued to find yourself in a sex club? Past, present and future are interwoven, somehow there must be an answer? Perhaps, he is the answer? And what about the other boys? What about the planet? Is there a future?

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Relatively new author, moderately active.

I write two stories, one Fantasy and another SCI-FI - the latter which is called LIVESHIP.
It's a story about a pilot who took a few bad turns and goes to the end of the universe to make amends, discovering some new truths about our corner of the universe in the process.

May or may not contain waifus and tentacles.

I am not a weeb (though I am a man of culture) nor am I stuck up my own power fantasy's ass, so give it a spin, will you?

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I  am currently writing a science fantasy novel. It combines elements of both science fiction and fantasy fiction and is set in a fictional solar system.

The Lord of the Stars:

John is a simple farmboy on the planet of Bremman, gazing at the stars on the night sky and dreaming big. His only chance of getting away from his simple life is to participate in a combat tournament that will allow him to join the military. Yet an encounter with a young sorceress upends his entire life and plunges him in a conflict that will change the galaxy's fate.…

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We can shamelessly plug our space-sci-fi stories here!?

Synth is a Soft Sci-Fi! Synthetic Aliens born to be tools of King Decon- Ruler of the Galaxy. The main focus is on the Friendship that our Main Character, TO, makes with other synths who -like themselves- don’t fit into the system they’ve  been put into

It’s super sad at times,  but also super sweet at times. Good chance of warm fuzzies and tears. 

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Title: The Almighty Merchant’s Odyssey: Through Zar’Goth
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Cultivation, Comedy, Mystery
Synopsis : 
Have you ever wondered if what we see and know is all that defines this world?
Have you ever wondered if the place we call home is rightfully ours?
Have you ever wondered if the sole reason for our existence is an ancient oath?
This is a story of a race that blossomed in the safety of ignorance and another suffering at the hands of fate. 
Will they look beyond their ignorant selves?
Will they succeed in fulfilling their destiny?
On his 18th birthday, Rhys began his chaotic and supernatural adventures. On this fateful day, he got embroiled in a fight for survival. 
What role will he play in this complicated world? 
Will he be able to go past the veil of mystery and uncover the true origins of his family? 
Join him on his journey full of fun and endless mysteries.
Thanks for your support!

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I just started posting here: genre Sci-fi, alternative. I don't know how else to describe it. It has a strong survival element, and (what I think is unique) multiple stories in which the main characters appear as other embodiments of themselves, parallel and future. It's a crazy voyage with drugs and sex, through space and time, and total confusion.

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I'll toss mine up.

I started it on Reddit not too long ago, only a few months and I'm slowly copying it over here.

Right now (As of tonight) there is only 50 chapters here and another 200 to go. The whole thing clocks in at over 700K words.

It's sci-fi, very HFY, covers everything from space battles to mech battles to little people trying to survive in a mad house.

It's been VERY well received on Reddit's HFY subreddit.

When you get a couple dozen chapters in, you forget it all starts with an alien spy who stole an ice cream truck.

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 I’ll give my story a plug.  I’m terrible at coming up with titles and the cover art is a placeholder.

Title: Tales of the Terrace Republic
Genre: Science Fiction, Military, Techno-Thriller
Book 1 Synopsis: The Clearwater Patrol

Six centuries into the future and light-years into outer space, the only thing that has not changed is the struggles of the human condition.  The desires for power, love and survival persist in Tales of the Terrace Republic, a military space thriller that forges one flawed everyman into a hero.

Phillip Murphy is a veteran from a war that ended a decade ago.  He hasn’t had a promotion in a long time, and the shrinking armed forces have not been friendly.  The Terrace Navy puts him at the helm of a meager torpedo boat – a career-ending assignment.

But a routine space patrol finds his ship nearly ambushed by fighters, and when he tails them back to their base, Phillip discovers an anomaly – the investigation of which will change the course of his life forever.

Current Chapters: 14 + Prologue
Current Pages: 175
Schedule: Once or twice a week

I now know why some authors throw out their first several chapters.  The story a slow burn to start with, and then pressure and tension starts to build.  I would half classify it as hard science fiction since most of it is limited by the speed of light.  I cut the corner with interstellar travel to keep the story going.

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I'm currently writing a sci-fi/murder mystery. It's more mystery focused right now, but I plan to eventually take it in a more sci-fi direction.

Title: Who Killed My Body?
Genres: Science Fiction, Crime/Mystery, Drama, Contemporary
A twist on the body snatcher concept set in a modern-day college town, this story is told from the perspective of a body-snatching alien who comes to inhabit the corpse of a recently murdered young woman named Anna. Rather than trying to take over the world, this peculiar alien adopts the slightly more modest goal of trying to catch her body's killer. To that end, she will have to learn to navigate the human world, keep Anna's fate a secret from her peers and loved ones, and wrestle with her own primal instincts.

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I will add mine to this list, link being in the signature.
I'd rate my fiction as sci-fi (the year 2095), with individual focus (on a primary character, though the secondaries will definitely have time to shine), military in that sense that mankind struggles to survive on Earth (fascism, bullying teachers, panopticon surveillance) and mechanical (they're wearing metallic suits, duh).
Also; I really liked Two Worlds. I feel as if too many authors rely on writing characters from well-do backgrounds, which is understandable from an agency-perspective, but I do believe they're missing out on narratives that can be really interesting, both for writers and readers alike.

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Genres: Cyberpunk, SciFi, Science Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy

Note: Will contain an alternative relationship dynamic. Does not follow the reverse harem formula. Is closer to real poly relationships, such as nesting groups.

To the Creshe Empire, I’m just a number.

I’ve spent the past five years in isolation and under study. With my home razed by a Syldrari attack, my mind damaged, and nothing but white walls and a viewing window around me, I dedicated myself to two things: training my body, and reading any book they allowed me to have.

The Empire wants me to serve, to use the inhuman power the Incident stirred within me. Technically, they asked, but it wasn’t much of a choice. It never is. Serve, or… I refused to be a mindless slave. My life was taken from me once. Never again.

With the Empire moving forward with their xenophobic plans, they needed someone capable of killing Syldrari—and I was just that. A tool they could use, a tool they thought they could manipulate. Needing me was their first mistake. They gave me leverage, I named my terms.

Now, after five years, my life can begin.

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Since this thread is all about shameless self-promotion, I won't pass up this opportunity.

Starsnatcher - Trapped In An Alien World is basically a sci-fi/space portal fantasy/isekai with a strong emphasis on the sci-fi/space parts. The tone wavers between thriller and adventure.

I'm more than willing for review trades, by the way (just tell me in a PM or under a comment under the story if you're willing).

Blurb: Imagine you were trapped. Not on a deserted island, but lightyears away from Earth on a distant moon. Then you might be Lucas Anderson.

It's the year 2036. Mankind has discovered two wormholes into foreign worlds; much to our misfortune.

Near the isolated town of Ernstburgh, two college students have just disappeared, likely due to the beings that came through the wormholes.

Seeking to escape his depressing day-to-day life, 20-year old Lucas Anderson decides to investigate the disappearances, only become a victim himself, too.

Once he wakes up on a distant moon, he knows he must get back to Earth. On his quest, he meets several aliens and eventually the two college students. Together, they embark on an interstellar adventure of galactic proportions, seeking to understand the truth behind what's going on.

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I love sci-fi but I also am very picky about what type of sci-fi I read, especially when it comes to something Space Opera related. There are very little that catch me, except save for a few, and when it does catch me I really do hope to share it with others as much as possible especially when it seems to not be as well known.

I've been reading this:  

It's a very interesting read, although I'm not sure if it might be for everyone cause it is not just Sci-fi but also has aspect of magic. Also, it might throw some people off since it is written in a way of different character POVs per chapter, as well as to some it might be consider "exposition-y" although to me, those are usually the best sci-fi because I love being thrown and dragged into the world, hard and fast. It is also moving in a very good direction and, as it is horror, gives a good grip on you of the coming struggles of the characters in a messed up space laboratory planet being controlled by a insane(or perhaps not?) AI.
It brings me memories of 2001:A Space Odyessy and even System Shock.

I very much recommend it to anyone that enjoy anything I have said above. peoapproval


Here you go:
Hello, new and interesting story with a kickass title. 

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Please check out my three science fiction post-apocalyptic books.  Murder Eternal: Prophecy Unfolding (Book One) (complete), Murder Eternal: Fate Unknown (Book Two) (in progress) and Black Sun Rising (in progress).  All are post-apocalyptic or dystopian worlds.