Free resorce for proofreading

Hi there.  I am not offering to be a proofreader but instead offering the link to a great site.

It's an amazing resource.  I think you can even download it onto your comp.  If you don't want that, all you have to do it copy and paste some of your story on the page.  It gives you a grade and tells you all the things that are wrong with the writing.  I've used it on several of my chapters so far and it greatly improved some of the flaws that I have trouble noticing.  It shows you how many sentences have passive voice.  Whether you have too many adverbs, and how many sentences are hard to read.  It is very thorough and safe.  I wanted to share it with others since I know proofreaders are sometimes hard to come by, especially good ones.  Once I tried this, I was really impressed by it.  If you are worried I am trying to troll you just try looking it up.  I bet it has great reviews.  I know I loved it once I used it.  It almost makes a real person as a proofreader unnecessary, though I am sure it isn't perfect, it is still a wonderful tool.