Looking for novels with Time Travel

It might be a bit spoilerish to ask for something like this... Anyway, I'm looking for novels with Time Travel serves as plot driver. It doesn't have to happen over and over, but it must be something irreplaceable to the plot.
Other Time power like Clairvoyance (see the future), Speed up / Slow down, Stop / Rewind Time are nice too.

If the Time Travel power/device is unique, it must belong to the Main or Secondary Character.

I am not looking for novel with a single Second Chance.
(Loop or Multiple Chances like GroundHog's Day or Re:Zero is acceptable)

Re: Looking for novels with Time Travel

Just noticed this thread got un-necroed last month. I'm the author of "Time & Tied", and it's amazing how my website still gets occasional hits from the link above. That said, on the off chance some people click, realize the link is external to the RRL website, and return, know that "Time & Tied" IS also on this site (with some reviews): https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/10662/time-tied

I brought it to RRL largely thanks to k-fish's recommendation, but didn't want to post on the one-year-old message to say so. I feel better doing it on what is now a one-month-old message. :)

The main character starts by using a time machine, and eventually gains time powers herself. The story is now complete, though I am working on a sequel, which is why it has HIATUS status. One reason why I'm not around much lately. Anyway, pardon the self-indulgence, keep on time travelling!

Re: Looking for novels with Time Travel

My story, The Shadow Paradigm - Episode 1: Project Cyan Ray

has time travel elements, and even more than that. But since it's also based on the mystery of how exactly it happens, it takes some chapters to read before understanding what's truly going on. If a novel size story doesn't bother you, then I think you might like it. :)