I must have been on this website for a good couple of months before I decided to write novels and fanfic of my own.

Unfortunately, I never knew the forum was so used. I was brought here from NU and was surprised. I have been trying to get the word out for my novels, but I have been hitting a wall.

Then I found this place! 

I unfortunately don't focus well and create new ideas on the fly. Because of this I have many stories, but no idea which one to work on. 

Instead of posting one novel, I am going to post all of the ones I plan on continuing.

Pease read them. Eventually, I plan on releasing two other novels in the future and starting up a poll to see which novel I should focus on.

But for now, these! I will edit it in the future to add the other two novels

The Tragic Tale of a Zombie Survivalist

  • Our hero must survive through the apocalypse, but he's already failed! What will become of him now?

Money Making MMO

  • The era of Ultra Reality is here! But many people went into a cryogenic sleep to see it. This left the remaining people lost and confused. 'We'll do it! But you owe us!'

The Pokémon Entity Force

  • Four young adults must band together to help stop Pokemon cruelty and criminal activity, but there are more than just the old fashioned gangsters! There are superhumans with the powers and capabilities of Pokemon as well! Even still, a sinister plot moves in the background...

Rise of the Soul Stealer

  • The story of how Melakios became a Demon King through his usage of his unique powers. By absorbing souls he becomes stronger! By completely wrecking everyone in his way, he moves forward! He continues on in hopes to enact revenge and foil the attempts on his life!