Re: New stories to watch out for

Some recommendations from the past month

Transcending Dreams (LitRPG Xianxia) - a transmigrated, LitRPG xianxia with some quirks that make it more slice of life than cultivation
Delver - a clever, "realistic" take on fantasy people who delve into ancient ruins
Lemon - golden retriever goes on a journey across fantasy land
Elevation of Mana - prequel to Melody of Mana; stone-age elves
Catgirl Dungeon Mafia Wars - exactly what the title says; very cheeky
The Young Lady is a Reborn Assassin - like Tori Transmigrated, but faster-paced and she's more of an anti-hero than Tori
Secret Abdication - a princess gets the opportunity to escape an unwanted marriage when her carriage is attacked, and eventually ends up in the local militia
I don't want to fight! - it's a bit of a kitchen sink story, but basically it's a very fast-paced transmigration story