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Demons Don't Lie | Royal Road

I enjoyed it very much. Some disclaimers: don't assume the author is stupid, or the characters are stupid, the things that might not make sense get explained eventually. Just go with the flow, instead of worrying about it too much. Another disclaimer is, it's dropped at around 50 chapters, but this is more than enough to have a lot of fun with it, and a few great battles. Quality of writing is 5/5, and the world feels 100% unique and extremely well fleshed-out. 

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Good stuff.

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A fun, fast paced, magical murder romp.
Neat magic system, fairly traditional themes.
The good shit, awesome magic system, and great characters.

Welcome back Bal, glad you're well.

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Nowhere Stars  is an interesting and well-written story I recently stumbled across and thought deserved exposure to a wider audience. It's magical girl story that marches to the beat of a different drum. The magical elements of the storyline often wander into very abstract and surreal territory with a bit of an eldritch and psychological horror twist. This is not a genre I generally like, but this story still managed to grab and hold my attention. Parts of it almost remind of something like Other Side Picnic or Katalepsis.

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Definitely a great story to check out! Written by Alexa Lee.

Inescapable Escapism is another of Alexa Lee’s incredible tales! A character driven story with depth that most could connect to and find familiarity through empathizing with the characters or being able to relate to the character’s personal predicament. This story follows a female lead as she finds solace and excitement through her imagining of other worlds in the attempt to escape the reality of her own. Check it out!

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Quote:Knight-Merchant: Reincarnated into a Fantasy World.
by Nate Crotts

Warning This fiction contains:
Gore Profanity Sexual Content Traumatising content

Reincarnated into a fantasy world, Jeremiah, an old soldier turned successful engineer of a futuristic universe, must become something he never was and live another life in the strange world of Arden. LitRPG.