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Where The Dragons Went by ImSoAwesome

Extremely well-written, it's to the level that you'd expect for a professionally published book! Even better is that the author has already completed the first 2 books and almost completed the third. So that means regular releases as they build their following
Sadly this one has been deleted.

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Wow, I never expected to see my story here!

In turn let me put here into the comments my suggestion! I am following more criminally underrated series, and one of them started less than a month ago, I am talking about Slash and Burn:

As I have already written elsewhere, in my opinion this is the best Sword&Sorcery book that has been written since E. Howard has blown his brains out.

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Fantasy, mages, travelouge, interesting monsters. Very pleasant read, quite well written (4.5/5 writing). More importantly, pretty fun, with cool characters, and not as slow paced as other "travel" stories. Strong Mushishi vibes 

Edit: after the first few chapters, it's closer to a 5/5 writing. (But the rest was 5/5 from the start)

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PSA from my initial post


you did not produce the review due being sufficiently awed. You had to be enticed in my opinion. The primary reason of this thread is to collect the diamonds in the rough, found and judged interesting by other readers.

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This story is truly a newcomer because it was only posted 2 days ago. It's xianxia except based in the ancient Rome time period, which I have never seen before. It's hard to say exactly where the story is headed but the writing quality is maybe the best I've ever seen on RR so far (it inspired me to make an account so I could ask the author questions), so I'm eagerly following for that reason. Its solid so far. Read it and tell me I'm lying


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Dear contributors and readers of my "New stories to watch out for" thread,

it will be our five year anniversary in July. I would like to celebrate this with you and are looking for ideas, e.g. from having a small competition up to honoring our most oustanding truffle seekers. Please DM me with your wishes, desires and ideas and I will engage our Mods to see what is feasable.

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P.S.: I cannot believe that it has almost been five year O-o!!!

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I haven’t left a review yet, but I think I will soon, is this story:

It’s got an interesting and original idea, which I love.   I actually planned on posting two stories here originally, but then I realized Salvos didn’t come out this month and wasn’t that new, just new to me.   Since they are both interesting and original.

The World itself is nice and dynamic, and not some boring stock shelf Isekai world.  I enjoyed the twists, especially on Chapter 30.  It’s both realistic and magical and different at the same time.   And the MC isn’t tall, which for a short person like myself, is a major bonus.

It’s not perfect, but the imperfections.   It’s got a mix of wholesomeness and darkness, and when you get a beautiful scene the writer goes all out.   As such, so long as you can get over occasional dark moments, slight nondescript nudity that is far more wholesome or realistic and not sexual and isn’t detailed fanservice, and a writer that while is doing a good job and does his best occasionally overlooks a mistake or two in spelling and grammar, you will likely enjoy it.

Oh, and the writer has finished two whole arcs.  (At least I’m pretty sure this second arc is over).   So it’s got a good deal of content for it already.

But that’s just my opinion.  Don’t take it as hard fact and read it yourself.

And for those curious about Salvos, dropping a link:

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My next recc:

The Last Ship in Suzhou. Another great cultivation story. It's slower and goes in-depth into some of the chinese history and lore, and you can really feel the weight of it in writing. Prose just bleeds talent. Quality is incredible. I will say that it is a bit denser than we usually see on royal road but it just adds to the story in my opinion.