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Wrote: Check out my fiction and leave a comment!

This thread is for reccing fictions you enjoyed, not promoting your own. 

Might wanna delete that, it's against thread rules.

Funnily enough, if you click that link instead of his displaying his fictions, it just displays your own. Was about to edit the link out of your quote of his post until I realized he just linked the my fictions page.

Re: New stories to watch out for


And here is my hype train! CrystalSquirrel/CrystalDemon from Japtem is finally back in action! Hell to the yeah! Be on the look out for his other work, Cracked Earth, when he uploads it, too. I can't wait for volume 3 when it gets released. I just hope he doesn't disappear again... Anywho, I'll be rereading Grave of the Goddess as it is released and binging on Poison and Curses later.

Re: New stories to watch out for

Wrote: well thank you J0nn0 and nimbus for offering up my work! I appreciate it!

No problem. I usually post whatever I've found for the day/week and intend to follow for a while. Some dont pan out, but if something catches my interest and gets me to stick around for a handful of chapters, i dont mind spreading the word a bit. Speaking of which, i should find the time to update my own story list soon. Haven't posted anything new in what feels like over a month now.