Hello, Lunnear here with another story promotion. This time, the story is base in a virtual reality game.

Summary: Shinichi Aikawa lost everything to a fire that killed all his family members, leaving only him alive. However, could you still called someone alive if they can’t die? While rehabbing from the accident, Shinichi came back to Japan for school and for a job position, only for the job itself require him playing the new Virtual Reality game, Destiny Ignition Exceed, where anything is possible, including finding out why his body turn into something not human.

__________Notes To Readers, Please Read before Proceeding_______

Warning: Contains mature content!

Warning: This story is totally fiction if there’s any similarity to and with any living beings, is purely coincidence. By the way, this story is really Yaoi-base. 18+ Only. Not for children under 18. Read at your own risk.

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