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Why, hello there. Old sport. I am I Wish to die, or I just call myself writer in me work. The mysterious creepy person who's writing is chaotic to the point where it's hard to mark the genre. 

I currently have 4 tales, but ended up dropping three, technicaly five but that's a bit complicated. I wanted to keep the sprit of all four tales alive, by placing all the characters together, to make an interesting cast to develop. But I'm going through the efforts of planning, and editing right now. To make the experience more refined. But for now, I'm trying to get noticed so that my work can spread, and I can get some reviews. As the ones I currently have are a bit old, and some of the content that one reviews, reviews has been changed somewhat.

Also be warned, the tale is for 18+ so, yeah

Hope I can join this group to spread my chaos!

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Jay here! I am a 26-year-old Indian who is aspiring to become a freelance content writer as a full-time gig.

I grew up in Kuwait then worked in Germany did my post-grad in human resource in Cardiff UK now I live in Bangalore India.

Tried my best to write a few fictions on RRL on an old account last year in a casual manner but I had a bad tendency to give up once the story got too complex for me to keep up with along growing criticism in a drop of chapter quality.

I was working full time 18 hours a day at JCPenney which took a toll on me and I gave up writing for a long while.

A few months ago I resigned due to health concerns and started to think about writing again but this time plan the entire thing out rather than winging it from chapter to chapter.

I want to add a fiction work to my portfolio as a content writer to get clients in the future but for now, all I want to do is complete an entire book and say to my folks that I completed a book.

RRL is my first choice to release a fiction but now I am expanding to inkitt and WordPress in order to go pro with my writing.

I released a novel recently with over 20,000 words in 7 chapters and it seems to be doing well so far.

The story has been planned out for the first volume for now and I already have created objectives within the story to point in the direction where the novel is headed.

I know the rule states the novel should be a month old before it is eligible for the Writers to the end banner.

Just wanted to let you guys know I like what you are doing here and wish to be part of this community if you feel I am able to keep my promise of releasing content regularly for the remaining 3 weeks before it becomes eligible.

Please find the link for my fiction below.

Second life in a Virtual World
Inkitt - Second Life in a Virtual World

Appreciate if you can check it out.

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georgebakerson123 Wrote: Hi all, sorry for the late replies again. Basically with the new forum changes, we've been struggling to do a few things and trying to get to grips with the changes which is why we're not as responsive as before. However, just join our discord server: and talk/ping to one of our mods (the ones with the tag/role Karen's apostle) and we'll get you sorted.

Very Happy

As I'm not seeing "you've been added" responses after this, I'll poke over there, but on the odd chance this is still the preferred place for sign ups, *hi* please add me :)
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