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06/29/2016 08:26:15Necamijat Wrote: [ -> ]Japanese honorifics. I see a -san somewhere, instant unfollow.

EDIT:  As always, there are exceptions to the rule, but this one is probably the one I usually don't make exceptions for.

Forgot about this one. I could probably write a short rant about this and I will.
1. Why do people even use Japanese honorifics in their novels. Even in translated Japanese novels they sometimes drop honorifics. It makes more sense to drop honorifics as you are translating in to English which is a language that doesn't use honorifics. Though you might lose some of the mood if you drop Japanese honorifics from Japanese source material, so it is fine to leave them when appropriate.
2. You aren't Japanese and even if you are Japanese you are writing an English novel not a Japanese novel. If you are using Japanese honorifics all I can say is weeaboo. Do you think when Japanese people speak English they throw in Japanese honorifics? In my experience they don't. Why? Because they are speaking English not Japanese.

I don't want to bash on people but that's all I get from people who use Japanese honorifics in their novels. It triggers me a lot and I really can't deal with it. Sure, it is your novel and you are in control of what you choose to write, but I won't be reading your novel if Japanese honorifics pop up.

Edit: Oh god I forgot about Japanese sayings as well, things like: baka, itadakimasu or ara ara are an instant drop. Japanese words instead of English words like neko for cat, kitsune for fox or inu for dog are more bearable but if something like "Mr. Neko-chan Nyan Nyan!" pops up it is going to get dropped. Like does it kill you to just use English words? Like sure I like anime and manga you probably do as well, sure I enjoy reading Japanese novels you probably do as well but like I wouldn't use Romanji in everyday life, nor would I throw in Romanji into my novels.

I agree, also like to add this to people writing XianXia or XianXia inspired novels to not use chinese names -.- I hope most people realized that those names have meaning in chinese which is completely lost in translation (which can't be helped) but you're writing your own story so why are you doing this? And same as this even if your know chinese most of your reader's won't, in fact because chinese is so complicated if you just give the pingying it won't tell people anything as one pingying can have so many different words associated that its pointless. Second is cultivation level, I seen novel that rip them directly form translation and the sad part is from bad translation. Some translation find matching english words for it so it makes sense when you read it other just again give the direct pingying which just sound stupid.

I also agree using works like baka and stuff is stupid if there is an english word that does the exact same thing. I can understand itadakimasu due to translating it is very weird so I can forgive that if that's the theme you're going for.