Lusarth Fauxun [18+]



Roughly two millennia ago, Mana and monsters appeared in the world of Eiruta overnight, forcing all organisms to undergo a selection process; those who could not adapt to the Mana died while the remaining reproduced and lived on. Throughout time, the various races of being- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Xogs- have managed to coexist without breaking into wars on their home continent of Sholoth, a large land mass covering half the planet. Beyond Sholoth lay the “Cursed Territory”, where anyone brave enough to venture has never returned...

In a safer part of the world, a young Kai recently turns 11 years old and can finally enroll at the Academy. It has been his life-long dream to become an adventurer, alongside friends, exploring the world and fighting monsters. How could this innocent boy end up abandoning his childhood ambitions and instead end up working for Cascabel, an infamous organization that commits the most atrocious crimes?

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Tragedy, Mystery

Warning: Tagged 18+ for suggestive sexual scenes, strong language, gore, violence

Reasons to read:

1.  A versatile magic system that is explained.
2. There are limitations of how strong a character can get based on raw power alone.
3. MC doesn't have a guaranteed one hit kill button.
4. Side characters are not ignored and are given development too
5. Written mostly in first person and present tense. Story is easy to follow.

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