I would also love to see an app, especially since the competitor, Webnovel, has one.

But if you decide to make an app, for the love of all gods one would praise, don't make premium systems like WN. I much rather see an ad every now and then than pay for a chapter, even per ¢. Some of us here live by $300 per month salary, even less. To support authors I think the usual Patreon, Ko-fi, etc-based systems work quite well instead. Or let authors monetize ads, win-win.



KvAT Wrote: Or let authors monetize ads, win-win.

There is nothing to  win there, the average author wouldn't earn more than $5 a year. It's not a thing because it's not worth anyone's time.

If we add direct monetization, it'll strictly be for early access (i.e. like Patreon) and donations



To my knowledge Royal Road is extremely unlikely to pursue any monetized exclusivity mechanism in the near or far future, and the temperament of the admin staff and owners seem to support this impression. Royal Road also doesn’t seem to be reliant on advertisement revenue whatsoever and there does not seem to be much hope for ad revenue becoming large enough to be a real primary source of profit. The site and the few authors who do gain funds through crowdsourcing first and there is little aggressive pursuit of profit and monetization, with support towards  and maintenance of the community seeming to remain as a higher priority while the current state of things remains stable and sustainable. RR has no doubt grown and been growing, but I cannot merely assume its revenue has anything more than stabilized. (As far as is reasonable with how fickle donations can be)

As for support of current author crowdsourcing methods (such as Patreon), there may be a move in future to encourage transactions of that kind to be done more directly through RR to tie a little bit of that crowdsourcing funds back into the site that hosts the actual content of the authors and its community. Since Patreon really isn’t a great content host compared to actual fiction hosting sites.

News of the app though? Looking good. There has been some teasers of what the UI might look like. Nothing truly final sounding, and potential release dates remain unknown. So I’ll assume it will be at least another year or several, with emphasis on the patience.