bigdsweetz Wrote: Is there anyway I could get a copy of the WIP. I'm a software designer. While I'm not promising to do anything with the app, I would like to see if I could contribute to getting this moving forward because like a lot of people here, I would give my eye teeth for an app.  I have the tools to work on this on both the IOS as well as the android side.

I'd be willing to sign a NDA if I had to in order to be able to work on this.

*side note*
IF this is something that didn't require an NDA, why isn't this being hosted on something like github. I bet you there are a ton of people who would love to throw down on getting this moving forward....for free.

Feel free to directly contact our site owners at [email protected]


I would also love to see an app, especially since the competitor, Webnovel, has one.

But if you decide to make an app, for the love of all gods one would praise, don't make premium systems like WN. I much rather see an ad every now and then than pay for a chapter, even per ¢. Some of us here live by $300 per month salary, even less. To support authors I think the usual Patreon, Ko-fi, etc-based systems work quite well instead. Or let authors monetize ads, win-win.



KvAT Wrote: Or let authors monetize ads, win-win.

There is nothing to  win there, the average author wouldn't earn more than $5 a year. It's not a thing because it's not worth anyone's time.

If we add direct monetization, it'll strictly be for early access (i.e. like Patreon) and donations



To my knowledge Royal Road is extremely unlikely to pursue any monetized exclusivity mechanism in the near or far future, and the temperament of the admin staff and owners seem to support this impression. Royal Road also doesn’t seem to be reliant on advertisement revenue whatsoever and there does not seem to be much hope for ad revenue becoming large enough to be a real primary source of profit. The site and the few authors who do gain funds through crowdsourcing first and there is little aggressive pursuit of profit and monetization, with support towards  and maintenance of the community seeming to remain as a higher priority while the current state of things remains stable and sustainable. RR has no doubt grown and been growing, but I cannot merely assume its revenue has anything more than stabilized. (As far as is reasonable with how fickle donations can be)

As for support of current author crowdsourcing methods (such as Patreon), there may be a move in future to encourage transactions of that kind to be done more directly through RR to tie a little bit of that crowdsourcing funds back into the site that hosts the actual content of the authors and its community. Since Patreon really isn’t a great content host compared to actual fiction hosting sites.

News of the app though? Looking good. There has been some teasers of what the UI might look like. Nothing truly final sounding, and potential release dates remain unknown. So I’ll assume it will be at least another year or several, with emphasis on the patience.



David Wrote: I read using my phone but it is a strain. Ideally it would be possible to export to ePub or similar so can be imported into a proper book reading device.

That would just be asking for scammers to skim the data and host it elsewhere under a different name.

Out of curiosity, what is a strain about reading from your phone?


Is that not what this bar is for though? (I know the screenshot is not the one from mobile but on pc at the moment)
[Edit: When I intially tried to send this it tried to send itself as a list of character 1.2 million long. I mean the bar at the top of any chapter page]

I understand that it can cause the text to be rather large relative to the phone and after a certain size its only something like 4>words per line of text but it functions rather well as far as I am aware. There's also the option to do something similar your base phone text (usually in the accessibility sections within settings) but I'm not sure whether that will edit the stuff on here given that it is a space for text unique to the site and isn't a flagship brand like Kindle so the integration might not be there.

And I know this is speaking about a personal case but I have been reading fictions on my phone at minimal brightness for years and royal road is definitely one of the more friendly sites out there for doing it (especially compared to news or medical websites and the absolute mess those are). I can't really see what benefit of a phone app will have in regards to visibility over the current method of reading off the site on your phone?


I'll just take a moment to correct a statement here.
Endless Wrote: Royal Road also doesn’t seem to be reliant on advertisement revenue whatsoever and there does not seem to be much hope for ad revenue becoming large enough to be a real primary source of profit.

Royal Road will not add ad monetization for authors, because that's a tiny amount that would be spread to each of them. However, Royal Road is currently partially funded through advertisements themselves. If ads didn't work, we wouldn't have them. This probably will not change with the app.

This is currently irrelevant to the topic at hand, but I'd like there to be no misconceptions.



Well, apart from the fact that the app usefulness was not the current topic of discussion about ePub and eye strain, and app has some advantages. You can have more fancy stuff and customization through the app version since it’s on the app itself and you don’t have to load the data every time you launch RR. You don’t have to use the browser anymore, which might be a think you would prefer depending on the person. It has that whole app aesthetic thing going for it where it has IT’S OWN APP you can download especially so there a literal program for you to use instead of a bookmark on your browser. It might make logging in more convenient sort of since your account and password go straight through RR proprietary programs and not through your browser.

In other words there are a bunch of possible reasons, probably more than I can think of right now, and they might not sound all that important to you personally but other people might disagree.

Also for some reason the browser I’m using loses it’s tabs sometimes for a specific reason I can’t figure out yet and I lose a list of fics I was wanting to read and didn’t make time for yet.

The point is Browsers suck and I avoid them when it’s convenient.


Bump. A website can easily be wrapped into a mobile app with a multitude of software. Apache Cordova, React, and are just a few examples, many others can be found quickly via google. App deployment to android is free, however iOS does have a license fee.

I definitely recommend making a mobile app for the website. Mobile browsers are an inconvenience for dealing with things that lean more toward the application suite of interaction, such as the website of Royal Road.

Just my two cents.


Bump :P an app to read things/series from here whilst im out without needing to try and read it on a browser, or with the ability to download so no connection/loading in case im in a no service area would be great, a W.I.P build had been mentioned previously are there any updates on that etc? is there a dedicated forum post with updates? if so was unable to find it with a cursory search whereas this post showed almost immediately so unlikely is there a possible timeframe or simply just a blanket "when it's ready/out is when you'll know" type of deal?