Green Li Wrote: Anyone know for certain when this will happen?
You just gotta be patient for Kana to work on it. It'll come when the site and app are ready. When it does get released, you can be sure that it'll be sleek with all the bells and whistles you may want. If they're not there upon release, then they soon will be in subsequent updates.


Is there anyway I could get a copy of the WIP. I'm a software designer. While I'm not promising to do anything with the app, I would like to see if I could contribute to getting this moving forward because like a lot of people here, I would give my eye teeth for an app.  I have the tools to work on this on both the IOS as well as the android side.

I'd be willing to sign a NDA if I had to in order to be able to work on this.

*side note*
IF this is something that didn't require an NDA, why isn't this being hosted on something like github. I bet you there are a ton of people who would love to throw down on getting this moving forward....for free.