Poems and haiku's


You're the light and my inspiration
Being with you makes me feel like I'm in vacation

Your voice is angelic  more smoothing than wind-chimes
I will love as many times as a thousand lifetimes

meeting you feels like I've struck a goldmine
So will you be mine and be my valentine?

Ice princess

She is cold, even colder than ice
gazing at her form became a personal vice.

I could not take my eyes off of her visage
My mind blanks away at her otherworldly image.

Her soft porcelain skin blends through the snow
The darkness of the cold night only accentuates her glow.

Her hair dark with a tint of blue emanating her frost
I must escape her deathly realm at any cost.

I now know who she was and what her presence meant
She's Yukki-onna, and my life is now reaching its final event.

Alas I would not move, her beauty and frost has enamored me
death felt reassuring at her embrace and my heart sang with glee.

She stopped gliding briefly as she gazed at me deeply
She smiled deeply and moved away just as quickly.

Unexpectedly I did not die from the encounter
but sometimes my loving wife's smile makes me recount her.


Love is fleeting
Dissapearing ever so quickly
Like farts in the wind

The fatman sings
Cold hearts, love brings
The lover rings

first time I made a poem, I'm not even sure what a poem is. Anyways, I tried to make the second one related to valentines but somehow it turned out differently. Same with the haiku